Interior: the intelligence effort and the role of the citizen helped in the capture of a terrorist gangs

Special - balances News
Said a spokesman for the Interior Ministry Brigadier General Saad Maan, Sunday, that the intelligence effort and activating the role of the citizen are the basis of the arrest of the terrorist gangs and outlaw. Said Maan's / balances News /, that "the quality of operations in the capture of the terrorist gangs and outlaw came as a result of the intelligence effort by members of the Ministry of Interior, Defense and the citizen's role in identifying the suspects." Maan said that "communication through the hotline and deal with the security services in the transfer of information accurately and quickly help reduce the crime and reducing both the terror of them, or theft and kidnappings." He stressed Ma'an that "the role of the citizen now in good stages and need the security forces and institutions that believe in the protection of citizens in Baghdad and the provinces to a broader and more in order not to allow any elements of terrorist and outlaw overtaking on the security and safety of citizens' cooperation." The capital of Baghdad has witnessed yesterday security precautions in some areas of Baghdad, especially in the center of the capital's Karrada district, and Abu Nawas Street reasons said by security sources as it moves Ahtrazah.anthy From: Flaih slain