National: No place for candidates of reconciliation in the defense portfolio

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Revealed by the House of Representatives of the National Coalition Abd al - Rahim al - Shammari said Iraqi forces union candidate Ahmed al - Jubouri , is the front - runner for the defense were excluded, stressing that the possibility for candidates of the National Accord party in that bag. Al - Shammari said for "curriculum news" that there are a lot of candidates for the Department of Defense, and expected to be a candidate of the Union of Forces Ahmed Abdullah al - Jubouri , is the front - runner among the full - Dulaimi and Badr stallion other candidates. And between that the National Accord Party nominated 6 to take over the defense portfolio, adding that among the candidates , general secretary of the party , Iyad Allawi , and others elsewhere, stressing that he can not take over any candidate that bag the fact that the party is still sticking to the portfolio of Commerce , one of the crowd not to vote on the ministry 's candidate when he came by Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi last month.