Vice reveals the continuation of the process of questioning ministers and officials in the State
By aq -September 24, 2016

Treasures Media / Baghdad MP for the MDC Masood Haider announced today that " the Iraqi Council of Representatives Mada in Astjawabath ministers and officials in the current Iraqi state, noting that" there are a lot of files of corruption in state institutions, and the first person in the organization is responsible for corruption (according to him ). Haider said in an interview televised channel Tigris satellite followed the "treasures of the Media" that, the Iraqi Council of Representatives begin the process of questioning ministers and Msaliyn in the Iraqi state on the face of the right, adding that " the parliament to correct the course of his supervisory and legislative by exposing corruption and the corrupt and removed from office by law and the Constitution. "the dismissal of the ministers of defense and finance were in accordance with legal and constitutional mechanisms, pointing out that" the interrogation process and impeachment is not tainted by any constitutional violations, and where there is a political target , as some have claimed. He noted that "*many Western embassies, chiefly the United States, tried to hard to stop and postpone the vote on the withdrawal of confidence from the Minister of defense and Minister of Finance to another time, but confronted with this matter categorically by the legislative institution. the House of Representatives voted in its meeting last Wednesday, the withdrawal of confidence from Zebari , the approval of 158 deputies against the rejection of 77 deputy reservation 14 deputies. the head of parliament Saleem al - Jubouri, was "based on the House vote, the finance minister seen as an article of the office , " noting that "the minister questioned filed a lawsuit in federal court on the presidency of the Council of Representatives on this issue , " adding that "parliament will present a list Reply to regulation provided in the lawsuit also said the House will approach the court to clarify the constitutionality of any decision taken by the Council inconsistent with the vote of confidence. " stabbed Zebari, on the legality of the withdrawal of confidence with him , " adding that " the law states that the discussion of interrogation is after a period of not less for 7 days but that it did not take into account where no separating the sessions only one day. "" Zebari said at a news conference in Arbil Thursday, that " the parliament session , which was held at 27-8 was illegal and administration , Salim al (Speaker of parliament) session were not a professional, and that the questions were directed in bad faith , "he said. as Zebari accused the president of a coalition of state law, Nuri al - Maliki, of being behind the dismissal of cabinet ministers intent to thwart the current government headed by Haider al - Abadi," describing al - Maliki " the enemy of the region of Kurdistan." In the recipe.* 8%A8-%D9%84/