Rise in the market value of companies in the stock market

9/24/2016 0:00

BAGHDAD / Mustafa al - Hashimi

headed Iraq Stock Exchange to contract with one of the Arab corporate systems and programming for increased activation of the trading process through Alanturnt.ozkr weekly report of the Stock Exchange, seen by the «morning» he hoped the signing of the Convention in October next month and that the service is launching in quarter the first of the year 2017.

he added that these systems will be compatible and connected with the management system data in the brokerage firm so as to contribute to the rehabilitation of the investor to trade himself after enable him to understand the cash tally prepared for the purchase and the tally of shares if he would like to sell.

in the same context of the Iraqi market index rose Securities in the last sessions last week to 3.69 percent at 568.66 points. the market value of companies listed on the Iraq stock Exchange 8.241 trillion dinars during the week ended twenty - second of this month. the report said the number of shares traded for the week 3 billion shares compared with two billion shares last week, while the value of shares traded amounted to two billion dinars , compared to one billion dinars last week achieved through executing trades numbered for the 1810 week deals compared to 1336 deal last week.

It is said that the number of shares listed on the Iraq stock Exchange of 8 trillion and 973 billion shares, and the number of listed companies in the market 96 joint - stock company, of which 70 companies listed in the regular market and 26 companies listed in the second market.

according to the report the number of stalled companies has become the trading of non - commitment to provide annual disclosure and quarterly Authority and the market for 26 companies, and the number of remittance companies suspended from trading after the approval of the change of activity and until the issuance of license to practice from the central bank and complete the filing procedures and the inclusion of 3 corporate issuance.

and investors trading (foreign) the number of shares bought from investors totaled Giralaracaan for this week 's 125 million shares, valued at 432 billion dinars during the implementation of the 52 transactions on the shares of eight companies.

While the number of shares sold reached by non - Iraqi investors to this week 's 281 million shares valued at 183 million dinars through the implementation of 130 transactions on the shares of seven companies.

On the other hand the Board of Governors approved the Iraq Stock Exchange trading instructions via the Internet for investors , which measures include brokerage firms to take in order to obtain a license to provide this service, including participation in the online trading system, and until Thursday , five brokerage firms submitted a request to participate in this system.

Besides disclose the risks associated with investing and models to deal with investors ' action «know Your Customer» as board of Governors approved the commissions Satkadaha mediator. addresses the FAQ also requirements implemented by investors to agree to their online trading.

and the Iraq Stock Exchange several months ago to organize lectures and workshops for brokerage firms and investors for the purpose of definition of these services.

the Iraq Stock Exchange consists of 98 listed company with a total capitalization of more than 8 trillion shares representing banking , including sector 5 trillion shares and thus the most sector be traded and 65 percent of the total shares traded per day.

The governing Iraq stock Exchange five trading sessions a week from Sunday to Thursday.