EU: consultations with Baghdad to provide the requirements of the Battle of Mosul

2016/9/24 19:16

[Oan- Baghdad]

Announced Foreign and Security Policy of the European Union represented by Federica Mgrena, that the EU will be more consultations with the Iraqi government to provide the requirements of the upcoming battle of Mosul.

This came during a meeting with Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York.

A statement by the Iraqi foreign minister received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that Mgrena confirmed during the meeting, "the continuation of the European Union for Iraq in its war support against terrorist Daesh gangs," pointing to "the need to work on restoring the infrastructure of the liberated areas to build and ensure the return of displaced persons." .

She stressed Mgrena according to the statement that "the coming stage will witness greater support more with the Iraqi government and consultations to provide the requirements of the battle to liberate Mosul."

European responsibility and discussed with al-Jaafari, the security and political situation and the evolution of the war against terrorist gangs Daesh and international efforts to support Iraq and the overall regional and international issues.

Jaafari said according to the statement, that "the differences and conflicts between governments taking place in the regional and international situation, the lives of the peoples of the world because terrorism is the sole beneficiary of these conflicts, which extends from one country to another because of conflicts and the lack of coordination and work on the face of the common enemy which is terrorism."

He stressed that "Iraq has made significant progress in the war against terrorist Daesh gangs and the international community's continued support for Iraq and the reconstruction of liberated areas and the return of displaced people to their home areas."

The Foreign Minister expressed "thanked the Iraqi government for the positions of the European Union supporting them in various fields, including providing humanitarian services to displaced families as well as for file retrieval of stolen antiquities to Iraq," calling on the European Union to "exert more efforts to provide the necessary supplies, especially with the military operations, which will be witnessed by the city of Mosul ".

Jaafari said that "the situation in Iraq the international community to its responsibility in his letter given by the Security Council in 2014 through three first ranges of military and security support and secure air cover and the second term represents the provision of humanitarian assistance to the displaced third and the extent to which it's his time now, a reconstruction of the liberated areas and the return of displaced people ".