Deputy for Badr al-Abadi vacant ministries will present the names this week
September 24, 2016

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MP for Bader's parliamentary bloc Razak al-Haidari, said Saturday that al-Abadi will display the names of Almarcheben vacant Mast, including the security during this week, including the Ministry of Defense and Interior, as well as financial.

Haidari said in an interview. "He said the leaks Chiraly that the Interior Ministry will be one of the Badr share and the defense of the share of labor union but for the Kurds be nominated Rose Nuri Shaways for the position of the Ministry of Finance, pointing out that the candidate by the Badr bloc figures are respectable personalities and we have an agreement with al-Abadi on these figures and we await the prerogative of the parliament to be voted on them.

He said al-Haidari, said Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi I am well aware that he can not be the intersection between parliament and the government because the choice of ministers without the approval of the blocks can not be that the government is formed, considering that the regime in Iraq parliamentarian, adding that most of the blocks today tend to figures technocrats but at the same time that are close to orientations.

Among al-Haidari said the ministers who have been voting for them are technocrats and very close to the blocks which have nominated them and therefore has been their marketing easily in Parliament, explaining that the government work to Aestmr without the support of parliament because there is a close correlation between the parliament and the executive, adding that the executive government needs a clear position from Parliament on all issues such as legislation and the budget and control and other issues.

The MP for the National Alliance MP Abbas al-Bayati, said that there are three Maierstgm Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi in the selection of candidates for the vacant ministries.

Al-Bayati said in a press statement: Abadi after accepting the resignation of seven ministers, it became binding nominate replacements to fill the vacant ministries, not to those ministries remain vacant or managed by proxy.

He added that there are three important criteria should be the prime minister and accordingly move in the names nominated to fill those ministries process. First, there is the admissibility of the blocks to those names, the fact needs to pass a parliamentary vote.

Al-Bayati said Abadi and follow it to move according to the criteria and conditions set by the advance in the form of supposed government within a phase of reform, including to be a person of experience and professionalism, integrity and technocrats, pointing out that the third criterion is the necessity of admissibility of those names from the street which came out over a year ago to demand reform .