Liberal bloc confirms collecting signatures for the dismissal of ministers and governors
{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed the Liberal Bloc affiliated to the National Alliance on Saturday, collecting signatures in the House for the purpose of the dismissal of ministers and governors.
The MP said the bloc Mazen Mezni, during a press conference, held building of the House of Representatives, attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News}, "we call upon the Prime Minister to complete the file cabinet, and switch the rest of the ministerial cabin ministers competent professionals."
He added, "There are collecting signatures for the dismissal of ministers including Foreign and Agriculture ministers, and a number of governors and heads of independent bodies , "adding that" the House of Representatives took the leadership role and work being a democracy. "
He pointed Mezni, that" the economy of the country is important and should be chosen as finance minister, as well as the selection and defense and interior ministers, as well as trade and industry , "stressing the need to " choose ministers professionals. "
for his part , MP for the bloc member of the parliamentary finance committee Hossam punitive, said during the conference," it is supposed to collect 12 trillion dinars, as revenue from non - oil state, but it has so far been collected 2 to 3 trillion only , despite the year end approaches. "
He noted," there is a lot of revenue, not collected from companies and institutions ", calling for" the activation of this file for the advancement of the country 's economy and overcome the financial crisis. "
He continued," there were a lot of proposals of Industrial Ministry previously producing 100 items, and stop the import but it is not done by the government. "
The MP for the mass change parliamentary Serwa Abdul Wahid, said last Wednesday, for {Euphrates News}, that the process of questioning the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs Ibrahim Jaafari, health Adila Hammoud, still exist within the agenda of some of Representatives.
the House of Representatives voted on 26 August, to withdraw confidence from the defense Minister Khaled al - Obeidi, after being questioned on the first of August, with the voice of Wednesday {21 September this}, on withdraw confidence from Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari, having decided on 27 August, on the lack of conviction Bojobth, after being questioned in 25 Ab.anthy