Parliament finish reading the four bills and raise its meeting to next Monday
{Baghdad: Euphrates News} in the House of Representatives ended its regular nineteen headed by Salim al-President of the Council and in the presence of 217 deputies Today Saturday, 24.09.2016 read four bills in the Kurdistan region staff salaries and entitlements of peasants discussed for the years 2014 to 2015, it was to adjourn the meeting to next Monday.
According to a statement to parliament agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today that "in the beginning of the meeting, President al - Jubouri appreciated Mahls Per efforts in the liberation of Sharqat city process, congratulated the Iraqi people in this heroic feat. This
was followed by MP Badr stallion issued a statement praising the liberation of the city Shirqat in Salahuddin province at the hands of the armed forces and the expulsion of the terrorist gangs of them, announcing obtain security clearance for the return of displaced people to their towns, calling for continued progress for the Liberation of other cities, especially Hawija. on
the other hand, the MP Rashid al - Yasiri in a statement that a distress call from a pandemic ecosystem is the spread of uncontrolled plant flower herb Nile in the Tigris River basin, alluding to the serious economic and environmental effects that lead to a significant lack of water resources.
he called Yasiri the House of Representatives to "assume its responsibilities in light of the weak capabilities of the Ministry of water resources through a request to the the government increased the ministry allocations and the launch of a special emergency grant for the purpose of combat that scourge and to invite international agencies to provide assistance in relevant, praising the local government 's efforts in Wasit province , in addressing the spread of this plant , despite the scarcity of potential and customizations. "

the head of the Council of the water Commission and the marshes" to take the necessary measures to curb the spread of the disease through contact with the authorities concerned. "
then followed the Committee on women, family and children issued a statement denouncing the heinous crimes against children, in particular murder, kidnapping, rape, warning of growing these heinous crimes, cross - sectional at the same time Jraima got against children in several Iraqi cities , the government should take their responsibilities to provide protection to children in accordance with international agreements with speed up enactment of the Law on protection of domestic violence and the need to send the State Council for Child protection for the purpose of approval.

for his part , President al - Jubouri called the Committee on women, family and children to "speed up the completion of the special child protection bills and women , stressing that the crime of rape is not covered by the amnesty law contrary to what has been promoted noting that the House of Representatives supported for such crimes punishment. "

decided the presidency" to postpone the vote on the draft public holidays Act and submitted by the committees of Awqaf and religious culture, media and legal affairs for the lack of readiness The bill, according to the opinion of the relevant committee. "
for his part , pointed remote Hamid vegetative to having signed a number of MPs requests for proposal Eid al - Ghadeer law and considered within the public holidays.
for his part, al - Jubouri respect the presidency of the Council for all points of view that can translate to a formula laws but needs to legislative measures are made through the assignment of executive power to the committees of the Council or submit a request signed by 10 deputies are forwarded from the President of the Council to the legal Committee of the statement of legal opinion. This
was followed by the Attorney vegetative proposal for the law of Eid al - Ghadeer Trafalgar and regarded as an official holiday.

He ended the Council first reading of the draft Law on the Protection witnesses, experts and whistleblowers, victims and submitted by the Committee on security and defense in order to secure the necessary protection for witnesses and pieces of news, victims and experts and their families and ensure the safety of the presentation of evidence, preservation and crime detection and prevention aversion submitted and in line with the requirements of international conventions ratified by the Republic of Iraq.
The Council discussed the issue of the repercussions of failure KRG staff salaries at the request of the Attorney Hoshyar Abdullah.

the MP pointed out the applicant that " the staff of the province since 2014 have not been paid or received half their salaries in a few times , which reflected badly on the situation in the region , pointing to the existence of a continuous migration of the competencies of the region and fears study crashes and delivery of health services, pointing to the existence of a difference in attitudes between the governments of the center and the province without any treatment , "and urged the Finance Committee" to adopt the initiative to solve the oil problem and the formation of a parliamentary committee jointly to prepare a suitable ground for a new agreement between the federal government and the provincial government as well as to speed up decisively oil and gas project inactivated law for years.
in the interventions of Representatives MP Kawa Mohammad that " the economic situation in Kurdistan is very difficult than those imposed on the House of Representatives to have a role in resolving the issue of the Kurdistan Regional staff salaries."
She MP Ashwaq dry to " the importance of forming a government committee to discuss the dispute by sitting at the dialogue table with the participation of economists and legal experts neutral with the need for attention to exceptionally Peshmerga salaries of the file. "
inquired high Nassif MP for the fate of the money resulting from the export of oil province to Turkey in 2014 as well as the importance of knowledge of the House of Representatives the details of the agreement between the government and the Kurdistan region.
He noted the MP Sirwan Abdullah to "coordination and understandings between the government and the province for the purpose of reaching an agreement on oil."
and demanded an MP , but Talabani of the presidency of the Council under the direction of the oil and energy Committee follow - up nature of the oil accord with the importance of providing province salaries Kurdistan .
He called on the Attorney Haitham al - Jubouri , the "division of the federal budget on the basis of a single province, and wondered about the fate of the large amounts paid by the federal government for the region." In
turn, MP Serwa Abdul Wahid pointed to the need to take the House of Representatives a quick decision to respect the Kurdistan region ' salaries.
MP Salim a connecting access and follow - up agreement for the export of oil between the central government and the province.
He noted the MP Abdul Aziz Hassan that " the database statistics - in the region is different from what the central government, calling for error handling that impede the payment of staff entitlements."

the MP Mohammed Naji that the problem of salaries are within the territory of Kurdistan and the result of the non - delivery of the agreed amount of oil with the central government.
for his part , the President of the House of Representatives " to refer some of the recommendations to the relevant committees with the assignment of other recommendations form queries as well as the formation of a parliamentary committee to investigate the financial status of the staff of the province of Kurdistan, , headed by one of the members of the presidency that is offered during the month to the House of Representatives in conjunction with the draft federal budget law. " the Council discussed the issue of payment of farmers and peasants dues for the years 2014 - 2015 and the subject of the percentage amounts of grain received from the peasants of the Kurdistan region based on a request from Rep . Najiba Najib.
She said MP applicant that " the government has granted 50% of the peasant dues, calling on the House of Representatives to intervene to compel the government to pay arrears of the remaining receivables, noting that the subject of the proportion of grain received amounts of the province became the debate in which irrelevant after the end of the season."
for his part , accept Firat Tamimi , chairman of the Committee on Agriculture, water and marshes measures taken during the last period to force the government to pay dues of farmers , noting that payment of dues of farmers for 2016 will be paid after the approval of the next budget proposal for amendment of the federal budget for the current year and make peasants dues and increase of 5 trillion to 6 trillion dinars to pay 50% of dues.

He suggested MP Mohammed Halbusi the formation of a joint committee of the committees of agriculture, finance and distribution of dues of farmers by the primacy of religion and work to host the stakeholders for the purpose of settlement payment of dues.

for his part , President al - Jubouri called Finance and Agriculture Committees to hold a joint meeting to find recommendations concerning the settlement of dues in arrears of farmers for the purpose of voted on in close session.
postponed the presidency of the Council read the report and discuss the draft accession of the Republic of Iraq to the second Protocol to the Hague Convention for the private 1954 protection of cultural property Law in the event of armed conflict and submitted by the committees Foreign Affairs, culture and Information and Tourism and Antiquities relations to a future meeting at the request of the competent committees . The
Board did read the report and discuss the draft law on ratification transfer of sentenced persons between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and submitted by the committees Foreign financial and legal relations Convention on the Law.
The completed board "report and discuss the draft of the Iraqi Syndicate academics and submitted by the committees of Higher Education and scientific legal Search Law and civil and financial community. "
in the interventions MP Abbas al - Bayati finding a unified vision for the formation of trade unions in Iraq by holding dialogues with stakeholders.
in its response to the intervention confirmed the Commission on the absence of a trade union for academics as one of the institutions of civil society.
and he finished the Council read the report and discuss the draft law the board of the Iraqi Atomic energy submitted by the committees on oil and energy, legal and higher education and scientific and financial research.
in the interventions MP Ali Safi pointed out " the importance of the legislation law to protect the areas of radiation harmful to the importance of cooperation with international bodies and to benefit from their expertise in this regard."
She explained beautiful Obeidi MP " the need to be a clear picture on the role of the regulator in the board of atomic energy.
in response to the interventions stressed the importance of the relevant committees to take advantage of the Authority for the purpose of keeping up Iraq developments taking place in the world in the field of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. , Then it decides to adjourn the meeting until Monday next 26/09/2016 ".anthy