A new action plan to ease pressure on the State budget


Another amendment to guarantee investment law number 13 of 2010 concept developer who came up with a new plan of action to ease the financial pressure on the State budget, the distribution of tasks.

Developer means that the company or implement infrastructure for all city facilities or specialized scientifically industrial or commercial or residential, and then distributing developer investment opportunities for new investors is their responsibilities of implementing various joints work», head of the Iraqi National Business Council Dawood Abdel said: "I see that the last edit was released on investment law ensures the development focus of the developer who works with detailed first developerInvestor. and added in an interview carried by «morning» first developer who specializes in creating industrial cities or infrastructure as well as residential tourism to other major projects, where the law permits it to receive land and provide full infrastructure of roads and bridges and basic services.

Zoning and said: that land with infrastructure divided and given to other investors through the first developer, for example if we need to save residential city building roads and sewers, telecommunication and water within the confines of this space then space is divided into residential land and other recreational spaces for education and building of worship and thus require cities. Issued investment law number 13 year 2006 to advance the process of economic and social development and develop and bring technical and practical expertise and human resources development and creating jobs for Iraqis to encourage investment and support the establishment of investment projects in Iraq and expanded and developed on various levels and economic concessions and exemptions to these projects so that initiated the law investment law and amendmentsE developer protects as well as investor and this is an important investment and manav work new attraction included in the investment law.

He pointed out that the new amendment granting developer the right to grant this land to an investor under the investment license and approval of the first developer collection services and part of the amount spent by infrastructure to serve the new investor, pointing out that in this case the investment and fragmented modern cities can build new method reduces investment costs, which requires investment in major projects sums may not strengthen them investor One. He said: this method enables the investor to work on part of the project and its work specifications and within the Executive potential during the period, indicating that these amendments have in cooperation with the domestic sector has a lot of proposals capable of advancing the national economy because he lives in the workplace and are familiar with the most important requirements for project implementation and parameters that prevent this.

Costs of services between positive direction, ROAR serves the investment process and helps to implement infrastructure in the absence of the necessary funds for the Government to implement the service side of granting land developer that were provided with the infrastructure capital cover amounts you spent, so services are distributed on all new investors.
The developer has another task is to manage this new city for all it requires electricity and communication and security and all logistics according to the best management methods adopted globally. He stressed the importance of the ROAR that Iraq abandons the idea that builds one investor all corners of specialized industry City project, housing, Commerce and education are important responsibilities of the developer who distributes tasks between investors wishing to get the opportunity to work within this project.