Jabouri: involved in making the Iraqi democracy atypical in zone {Extender}

2016/9/24 11:58

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} speaker Salim Al-Juburi said that democracy is the most likely option and the most powerful in Iraq, stressed the long Parliament in making the Iraqi democracy atypical in the region.

Al-jibouri said during his speech at the ceremony hosted by the House of representatives, on the occasion of the international day of democracy, "when celebrating humanity from East to West of the international day of democracy, once again confirms that democracy is not a political system, not a pattern of social contract, not other became of societies and their relations with their counterparts on the one hand and with the other hand, the components are additionally all humane option produced insights and inspired people to do right and to promote justice, equality and non-discrimination between a and an element and sweat and sweat and color Color only tender and best for monument good of humanity everywhere.

He added that "people who drink several kinds of external and internal oppression and persecution of repression, deprivation and shackling varieties and restriction of benevolent wenzoaath aspirations first historic opportunity to forgive Tristan constructive registered its first case advanced democracy in the region, despite the many campaigns that accompanied the democratic experience since the first referendum on the Constitution and attempts to pull the rug out from under democratic achievements for protrusions quirk near bodies of dictatorship and individuality and their margins, to turn the democratic competition into conflict between components, and attempts at militarization, terrorist attacks savage obscurantism."

However, "the people who pay the rivers blood for democracy and exercise sovereignty over their territory and airspace, and one hundred spared in the face of all those non-democratic challenges to weapons of democracy itself, the foremost and most of those weapons and the most influential walakhld history of any other weapons.

The speaker continued, "while all the peoples of the Earth, including the Iraqi people celebrating the international day of democracy, we reaffirm the national responsibility and historical site that democracy is the mother of our options and swing objective and keep her and the strongest, we catch the embers of this fact we renew the Covenant would go on building a constitutional democracy institutions until completion and develop what has been done to turn our democracy into an institution to produce creative thought and higher creativity for the people was and still is and will remain a lighthouse project of civilization."

He noted that "our ancestors first line of human rights Board in obelisks of ancient civilizations, it is understood that democracy is well a fortune for the purest water of life and the purest and deepest badge harmony and tent it and they are the key to the utopia for one people United in one unified homeland, they glue the knot and people don't complete breakdown and turns and does not change, it is not democracy, but the voice of the people is the one who sings and demanded his constitutional legality."

Jabouri noted that "it is not democracy to go fourth power sounds with the wind, not of democracy to take over corruption and corrupt people and leave the doors open to looting and corruption and destruction of the country and not of democracy that leaves keep everything open to hunters with muddy and my troll. crises and their makers, not finger-pointing to democratic races, denominations and reclining on ethnic and sectarian identity and neglect of national identity".

He stressed that "it is not democracy that is rumored to carry guns outside, not of democracy put sticks in front of the House, and is track almtothbh at addressing imbalances in operational performance and accountability of corrupt, not of democracy to be the fight against corruption a single battle and interspersed with utilitarian and inconsistency of his reformist wasted national interest and the people."

Jabouri concluded his speech by saying that "the House of representatives who was and still is people power in making the move confirms Iraqi democracy atypical in the region though ping xenophobic".