Airways Announces achieve a higher proportion of the fullness of its planes

2016/9/23 23:40

[Oan- Baghdad]

Iraqi Airways announced that one of the formations and the Ministry of Transport to achieve the highest rate for the full its planes during the month of September this was not achieved Mndhu long time.

And transfer to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, from the general manager of the airline Samer cream Kubba as saying: "The company has achieved this figure in passenger numbers from the date of 01/09/2016 until 09/22/2016, reaching 1789 flight , and 199 thousand and 375 passengers. "

He added that "this percentage also came thanks to the employees of the company's efforts from all sections [air operations, flight operations and technical department and commercial department and the Department of subsistence and other sections]."

Kubba pointed out that "the company for the first time to reach this percentage of fullness due to the offered excellent services to travelers, where the company has to reduce ticket prices and all sectors and some other actions that serve the traveler."

He stressed that "Iraqi Airways is the national carrier of Iraq and has other companies compete, but through the support of the Minister of Transport and the efforts of its members have achieved this percentage at the fullness of aircraft and has made significant financial profit."