Recent government statistics: the return of more than 60,000 displaced families in Anbar

2016/9/23 14:46

[Oan- Baghdad]

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration announced the latest statistics for the return of displaced families, and of the 60 thousand and 102 families to the liberated districts and sub-districts in Anbar province.

And transfer to a ministry statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, for the Director of Central provincial department in a circle for Branches Amer Abbas Zughayyar that "the ministry's branch in the province of Anbar announced announced the return of 41 thousand and 455 displaced families to Ramadi District and seven thousand and 190 families to spend Heat ".

He added that "a number belonging to the vine spend households amounted to 4,100 families, and the return of 3215 households to spend Khalidiya, as well as the return of 1535 households to wet spend," noting that "he returned in 1271 displaced families to Haditha District, while the Falluja has seen the return of 306 families, and the return of 462 families to Nasaf, a town and 385 families gravel area and to 183 families Saqlawiyah area during the past two days. "

He Zughayyar that "continuous branch to follow up and facilitate the return of displaced families to inhabit areas of origin in cooperation with the security forces across the Peace Crossing," noting that "there are continuing in the return of displaced families to their original domicile liberated areas in the districts and the areas of Anbar province, and that the ministry has distributed relief goods helps food and in-kind ] families belonging to the district of Fallujah and the rest of the liberated areas during their return. "