Barzani hails German support .. and Secretary of Defense: trained 10,000 Peshmerga

2016/9/23 15:12

Oan- Baghdad]

The President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, on Friday, that the German support for the Peshmerga forces is the helm of the balance in their favor in the face of Daesh terrorist gangs.

Barzani said during a joint news conference with German Defense Minister Ursula von der Line after a meeting in Arbil that "the battle to liberate Mosul topping all subjects are important for everyone," and praised the role of the German position of Kurdistan.

In turn, the minister said that German coaches Germans who are in the region trained about ten thousand fighters of the Peshmerga, "noting that her country" has provided 90 million euros for about two years and will continue its assistance to the region.

She said her talks with Barzani focused on the battle of Mosul, Iraq's future renewed confirmation of the need to conclude an agreement before the imminent attack on Mosul.

She pointed out that the talks with the region's president addressed the importance of maintaining the civilian and avoid any problems that might occur in the future at some point after the liberation of Mosul.

The German minister was held earlier on Friday a meeting with the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government Nechirvan Barzani for Research on German aid to the Peshmerga forces and assisting internally displaced people in the province, in addition to several files on the bilateral relations between the two sides.

Dr. Lane and went to Irbil coming from the capital, Baghdad, in the framework of an official visit during which he met with President Fuad Masum, and officials at the Ministry of Defense.

Comes the German minister's visit to Iraq after a day of visiting British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon At a time when Iraqi forces backed by the International Alliance check security gains against Daesh in Sharqat spend which is about 60 kilometers south of the city of Mosul.

This is the third visit of the German minister to Iraq and the Kurdistan region since the invasion Daesh areas north and west of the country.
Germany provides the Peshmerga forces with weapons and gear is also responsible for German soldiers trained to raise their capabilities in the war being waged against Daesh.