Tenth International rill Festival on Friday and lasts three days.


Launched international media rill Festival its 10th day Friday for 23 September 2016 and lasts three days after completing all preparations for his stay.

The Festival will feature more than 200 media organizations, local, regional, and international Arabic, read telegrams, audio, Visual, and from different countries.

This Festival's preparations have been completed, by putting spaces offer functional and regional press and media for each institution or body will participate in the Festival.

In parallel with this complete access to local delegations, and Arabic, and in tenth international rill Festival international, which expressed her delight and surprise at the working level and achievement at this year's session of the Festival.

The Festival Committee report had confirmed that the number of participating countries reached 20 countries from around the world, and Iraq is the host country, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait, Oman, Sultanate of U.A.E., Iran, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, India, Russia, Ukraine, France, Belgium, Britain and Germany.

The report added that more than 200 media institution, read telegrams, audio, Visual and will participate in the Festival, hundreds of characters that belong to these institutions.

Rill said the Tenth International Festival Committee report to the media that "the Festival will include seminars, and informational workshops offered by large media personalities from Iraq and other countries talk about the reality of Arab media world, as well as participate in Iraqi and Arab Festival."

It is said that the international media rill festival organized by space rill channel annually in Najaf with the participation of dozens of media organizations from around the world for three days.