Transport Minister inspects Safwan port and constantly draws a 24-hour staff time

2016-09-23 12:57

Baghdad the balance of news

Check the Transport Minister Kazim Cup Erythema, Friday, Safwan border port, the port staff time continuously for 24 hours.

The statement said his Office received a copy of balance/news, "port manager met with erythema and circles operating within the port for the delivery of Cabinet Secretariat directives down time in 24-hour port to greet the arriving for Iraq and providing services to them."

Columbine statement stressed "the need to establish an appropriate mechanism to prepare for the reception of visitors to holy sites from the Gulf States, especially since the month of Muharram on doors."

"It said were also to change line goods from and to the port of Aqaba until the border post at port rehabilitation after the liberation of the areas where the reality of ISIS and alarha rings hand configuration to create squares and places of rest for the Jordanian truckers", stating that "this move was in agreement with the Prime Minister during his recent visit to the Jordanian Kingdom."