Washington sent an additional 500 troops to Iraq in preparation for the battle of Mosul

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Newspaper (Wall Street Journal) US, to all seeking the US military to send an additional 500 troops to Iraq to enhance preparations for the battle to liberate the city of Mosul, which is likely to launch by October next month, and while confirming that it will raise the total number of US forces in Iraq to 6,400 troops, indicated that their mission is limited to providing advice, assistance and guidance to Iraqi forces away from the front lines. The Wall Street Journal (Journal Street Wall The (American, in a report published today, "The US military is seeking the approval of the White House to send an additional 500 troops to Iraq, ready impending recovery of the city of Mosul of al Daesh military campaign," pointing out that "approval the White House on that contribute to increasing the number of existing US forces in Iraq, including those charged with protecting the embassy in Baghdad, for more than six thousand and 400 soldiers. " The newspaper quoted, for US officials as saying, "The new meal that will be published when approved by the White House, the Iraqi forces and the international coalition forces will help in the preparation for the battle efforts to retrieve Mosul, the last bastion for militants Daesh in Iraq, which is expected to begin soon and perhaps October next the middle, "indicating that" the Iraqi prime minister, Haider Abadi, announced last Tuesday, (the twentieth of September 2016, (New York, for a start editing Sharqat area of ​​operations, (120 km north of Tikrit city), to cut Daesh supply lines conductor, indicating the initialization of the larger battle for the Liberation of Mosul. " And it followed the Wall Street Journal, that "the new forces of American soldiers will increase the number of troops deployed in Iraq officially four thousand and four hundred to four thousand and 900 soldiers," pointing out that "the Department of Defense (Pentagon) retain additional force numbering thousand and 500 soldiers, Not classified they are scattered in Iraq, as entrusted with the duties of protecting the US embassy and its personnel in Baghdad and other tasks temporary. " The Wall Street Journal confirmed that "the addition of the new force with the other American forces, becomes the total number of the US presence in Iraq stands at six thousand and 400 soldiers," pointing out that "the new force supposed to be added to the last meal that were sent to Iraq at the beginning of September now, amounting to 400 troops, that was published in Qayyarah base, (60 km south of the city of Mosul), ready to preparations for the battle of Mosul. "