The Word of the Prime Minister Dr. Haider Al-Abadi at the U.N. General Assembly

Dr Haider Al-Abadi

The Prime Minister of the republic of Iraq
22 / September / 2016

Mr. Ban Ki-Moon Secretary-General to the un respectable

Ladies and gentlemen, the heads of delegation..

Members of the general assembly...

Honourable Guests.. Peace, mercy and blessings of God

A year ago we stood here there were vast areas of Iraqi territories occupied by the terrorist organization ISIS.. today we stand in the same place. Let's declare before you have liberated Iraq and Iraqis they freed most of their lands.

and d they tell them and she wanted to .. and we're headed these days for the liberation of Nineveh, are the latest conservative stayed ISIS, however, has recovered the important areas of which we will complete its liberation in full this year.

And your evil to Iraqi forces and the heroine has achieved a new victory today edited shirqat in eight hours. and it's record time, and with the cooperation of local people who have welcomed the troops liberated.

And congratulate the Iraqi people and brave fighters and sons shirqat this victory.
I called 2016 the year of liberation and victory, our goal was basically is the liberation of the human being, before the earth and save the civilian population of ISIS that she spent on all life and destroyed evidence, the ancient civilization of Mesopotamia.

We have begun and with the help of friends in the international community to the implementation of the programme re-citizens who left them ISIS into their towns liberated and have developed an integrated programme to restore stability and services it, primarily in the services, water and electricity, schools and hospitals, and we call society International to further support the programme of any medicine and displaced persons especially with the approach of resolving the battle of the liberation of ninawa governorate and expectations of increased numbers of displaced persons.

In a time where we thank all who stand with our people in the face of the economic challenges and security, we look forward to further support and cooperation, and we commend the role of the organization of the united nations in assisting Iraq in the humanitarian field and to address the issues of displaced persons, Support provided by the states of the international coalition against terrorism, as we join forces with the world bank, IMF and other international organizations to support the plans and the efforts of the Iraqi government in the reform of the Iraqi economy and exceeded the financial crisis and plans to combat corruption, and view Appreciated the positive position seven states industrial adults and the donors conference held recently in Washington.

In the area of financial reform, economic, government implemented an ambitious programme to reform which reduce government expenditure by much despite the challenges of the need to continue the war tunnels and our fight against terrorism.
As the government has initiated the restructuring of the many state institutions within steps of the reform of the administrative and put priority service to the citizen and simplification of procedures and raise a lot of women with disabilities and facilitate the mechanisms for dealing with the citizen and the lifting of the obstacles in front of increased investment, The government has sought to enhance partnership with the private sector.

In the area of fight against corruption has been signed a memorandum of understanding with undp united nations to take advantage of international experience to help Iraq in building its capacity to combat the scourge of corruption, and has seen the past weeks practical steps in this area.

We look forward to the day would soon be evacuated, Iraq and the region from ISIS, but our happiness are not only a world free of terrorism, which threatens our peoples and to us, which requires serious cooperation to trap him and drying of the intellectual and financial And the destruction of the networks and recruitment centres throughout the whole world, and that this cooperation will arrive terrorism everywhere will become an increasing numbers of refugees fleeing conflict zones which amounted to dangerous levels and unprecedented.

I assure you, ladies and gentlemen, if ISIS is the true enemy of Muslims before the others, they have killed thousands of Muslims and destroyed many of the Arab and Islamic states and then transported her evil to capitals and other cities in the world, and appalled and killed civilians in France and Belgium And German, America, Russia, and the rest of the world..

and we don't have the option of non-cooperation of the victory in the war against terrorism.. and we are preparing any triumph achieved against ISIS in anywhere in the world is the triumph of the whole world.

The risk of repeating the shape or form of terrorist organizations such as Al Qaeda or ISIS will not end only to counter the extremist ideology of these organizations and backward thinking based in its approach to denominational segregation and hostile thinking of all religions and beliefs which feed Her vision of a minor, which I lost on our states opportunities for reconstruction and development opportunities and develop.

To face the scourge of malignant which among some young people taking advantage of the frustration and despair that they suffer because of poverty and delayed development programmes, requires real stance of states and organizations concerned with reviewing curricula and pedagogical and compliance with rhyme and Remove the feelings of frustration and absorbing the energies of youth and cut the road before any other attempts to increase the formation of such organizations of terrorist acts in the future.

If ISIS which falsely claimed that a lie to defend you year killed Shia and Sunni and Christians and yzydyyn and Arabs and Kurds, Turkmen, and networks of their heinous crimes involving all Iraqi spectrum and varied between atonement and displacement and dad and increase women's collective and The destruction of arousal, mosques and churches, and her cities amirli we will rent and taza and anbar, Mosul, Salah ad din and diyala and victims of the massacre. Speicher, together with the cowardly terrorist attacks on unarmed civilians in alive and the rest of the provinces, Baghdad, Iraq.

We were in Iraq to external factors have an impact in the stability and economic growth and social side, valley of terrorism we faced a crisis of the global oil prices, thereby losing our parallel finance more than 70 percent of its proceeds with escalating costs and burdens of military and Security to liberate Iraqi cities from terrorism..

It was natural that reflected negatively on the plans for development and investment and construction, and with all of these difficult challenges and serious we spent in the implementation of our programme of comprehensive reform and the fight against corruption is arthritis in the state and society And he realized since the beginning of the programme to launch it, it's no less difficult and dangerous on the face of terror, but we are determined to implement it despite all the challenges, and we are optimistic about the victory in the battle of the reforms as we win we freed our lands because we and our people stand in a ditch.

One to fight terrorism and corruption and work together to build the state on the basics of peaceful coexistence and respect for diversity, intellectual, religious and sectarian under the rule of the values and principles of fairness and equality.

If the battle being fought by the Iraqis against ISIS for every Iraqi share in victory achieved, which is the national battle an existential and non-traditional involving all the sons of the Iraqi people without discrimination, and to our troops from the army and federal police and local police and the popular mobilization And clan lbyshmrkh forces belong to different religions, nationalities and the communities of collecting them.

One goal was to defend their homeland and their holy places, and enjoys this defence supporting religious reference led by wisdom, the generosity of Mr. Ali Al-Sistani, representing the valve since they were safe. Its historical, the driving force for mobilizing all the Iraqi people, the first time in favour of the wide range of religious scholars from all communities and all segments of the people...

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen:

Iraq is keen to participate at the world strive to achieve development and meeting targets (sustainable development) and the fight against poverty, discrimination and the preservation of the environment and the development of the child welfare programmes and improve levels of health and education, and leading us in that is to provide An appropriate environment supportive of freedoms and human rights, equality and active involvement of women in the state and society.

We invite the world into a commitment to implement the decisions of the security council on the prevention of providing support and financing and arming terrorist aggregates, and resolutions of the general assembly of the united nations that save the tracks and the cultural heritage of Iraq, and refer here to complete an Iraqi check In cooperation with UNESCO, where they were joining regions marsh in southern Iraq to the world heritage list. We are currently working to meet the requirements for joining the rest of the sites and cultural treasures in Iraq.

We take this opportunity to call upon the international community to focus its efforts and the potential to end the conflicts and stop the wars and the support of the peace and security, and promoting opportunities for development, and away from the policies of interference in the internal affairs of other countries, which are increased from the suffering of the people and Time divisions in our region that is still suffering from internal wars and foreign interventions have exacerbated the suffering of the civilian population to dangerous levels.

And we urge the international community to support and respect for the sovereignty of Iraq and demand from turkey withdraw its troops from Iraq, where the presence of these forces despite the rejection of Iraqis have hampered our efforts to liberate the ninawa governorate (Mosul).

If the Iraqi government has worked hard in achieving peaceful coexistence between the components of the Iraqi people and deal with all the citizens on the basis of good citizenship and equal, different religions, creeds and nationalities, they and their components.

We renew our thanks to the organization of the United Nations and friendly states its position as the supporting of Iraq and its people in diverse humanitarian programmes and care of displaced persons and displaced persons and to support the Iraqi government's efforts in the security and stability and achieve the reforms and economic development of the looks Her Sons of our people.

Peace, mercy and blessings of God