Rehabilitation of liberated areas school 129 in preparation for the reception of students

2016/9/22 17:33

{Baghdad: Euphrates news}

MoE completed rehabilitation of a group of schools in areas that have been liberated from ISIS in preparation for terrorist gangs receive requested in new academic year 2016-2017.

He said Education Minister's Press Office, in a statement received {Euphrates news}, a copy of it, "the Ministry of education has sought with all their energies and abilities to rehabilitate and renovate schools that were exposed to damage by battles with ISIS, configured to receive pupils and students with the start of the school year this year."

The statement pointed to "rehabilitate 79 schools in gray, and 50 schools in Fallujah including saqlawiyah.

The Ministry remained in the restoration and rehabilitation of schools in the liberated areas, and preparing them for embracing our students, to be the light of science and knowledge is the best answer to the ignorance of terrorism netherworld. "

The Ministry of education, September, 29, set a date for the start of the new school year.