Customs check yields approaching 400 billion dinars

Views 29 2016-09-22

Alent General Customs Authority, on Thursday, to achieve revenues close to 400 billion dinars since the beginning of the year to the end of last month. .

The director of the Authority, Kazim Ali Abdullah said in a statement that "the Commission has made and after the application of the tariff system in all ports and deploy detachments to obtain tariff perimeter of the capital Baghdad since the beginning of this year until the end of last month, 0.399 billion and 836 million dinars, up more than half compared with last year ".

He added that "the proceeds of last August came close to the 74 billion dinars, compared to 22 billion achieved dinars in the same month last year," warning that "activate the tariff law shares effective contribution to higher volume of revenues, as well as reducing the phenomenon of administrative corruption and intensifying coordination with regulatory agencies. "

He said Abdullah, that he "may not be measuring the revenue only, when carrying goods entering Iraq, it leads to a lack of customs revenue," adding that "Iraq has made payments in excess of the 50 percent of last year's revenues, although there are areas outside the request box the college, such as the Bank and the Nineveh region, which resulted in a lack of demand by the citizens of those areas. "