Parliament to raise its to Saturday after the vote on the law and read the other three [Extended]

2016/9/22 15:58

[Oan- Baghdad]

Lifting of the House of Representatives, on Thursday, its regular, to next Saturday.

According to a statement to the media department of the Parliament, that "the House of Representatives voted in its eighteenth headed by Salim al-President of the Council and the regular presence of 196 deputies Thursday on a single law with finished reading three bills."

At the outset of the session the House of Representatives voted on a project to preserve the documents submitted by the legal, culture and media committees, which Ahdq to achieve the requirements of justice transitional and developing the means to maintain Iraq's historical memory expressing the values ​​and national heritage and in response to changes in the area of ​​documentation, archiving and to find a mechanism for the different types of law documents and take advantage of them.

It ended the first reading of the draft Financial Administration Act and submitted by the Finance Committee, which came to regulate the rules and procedures that financial and accounting management control in the field of planning and preparation, implementation, control and audit of the general budget of the Federal and directing all federal revenues to the public treasury to cover public spending and to identify units of internal control link from both administrative The technical development of mechanisms for the implementation of budgets.

It also provides for the obligation of each point of access and determine the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance in the implementation phase as well as setting specific dates for the submission of trial balances and closing accounts and commitment to the principles of the budget [budget transparency and comprehensiveness of the budget and the unity of the budget and the annual budget and the lack of specialization] when creating and implementing the federal budget and matters related to insure achieving macroeconomic stability, financial stability and promote the allocation of the budget and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of spending and ensure that cash management optimally improve the quality of the budget information provided to the House and to the public.

The House of Representatives completed the first reading of the proposed first amendment to the law of the Iraqi Media Network No. 26 Act of 2015 and sponsored by the Culture and Information Committee of the decision of the Federal Supreme Court [90 Mouhdadtha 99/107 / federal / 205 dated 27/06/2016] The ruling is unconstitutional many the texts of the Iraqi media network Act No. 26 of 2015 to fill the legislative vacuum caused by the said judgment.

Council completed reading the report and discuss the draft exempting foreign companies and subcontractors Aliens Act contractors in licensing rounds decades of fees submitted by the committees of the oil, energy, economy and investment.

In the interventions of Representatives, MP Ali Safi called for the provision of suitable work and development of investment environment through solid companies.

MP Abbas al-Bayati, the presence of heavy commitments from foreign companies have on Iraq, which requires a real review of the contracts.

He said MP Mohammad Naji need to resort to other options for non-exemption of fees in order to encourage companies to work and provide facilities compared to the benefit to the country.

He noted the MP Ammar Tohme said the bill represents an opportunity to review the licensing rounds, especially in the field of production.

In turn, the MP Nora Albjara showed that foreign companies be exempted from the fees will provide large sums of money for the budget.

And I saw the MP Birwan Khilani that the bill encourages foreign investment, make it clear that the requirement to state the expense of profit.

She stressed Samira al-Moussawi said the increase in oil production was made after the conclusion of contracts for the licensing rounds, which led to increasing the country's fiscal revenues and contributed to the development of various fields.

He said MP Ali Hoalah the importance of tightening the imposition of customs on some issues in the licensing rounds for decades.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed taking into consideration the suggestions and opinions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives in order to mature the bill, pointing out that the draft law to Aattrq to licensing rounds, but to exempt foreign companies and subcontractors foreigners from fee simple Kmarkip while taxes are still imposed on the companies were not exempt , pointing out that there are many positives in licensing rounds, despite recording some of the negatives.