Buff its get looped back in Baghdad peace for peace


The musician the world commemorated good mediator the resolutions Naseer shamma, in Baghdad, a concert under the slogan/continents/coinciding with world peace day which falls on Wednesday.

And attended the ceremony held on the national stage with the participation of seven abrzalaasvine musicians in the world within a band/global/famous, a number of Government led by Iraqi bankers took place, Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on relations and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers, and Chairman of the Association relations Mahdi Iraqi banks ist alhandel Baghdad Operations Commander meek, as well as the Secretary-General's Special Representative to the United Nations in Iraq.

Buff its get announced that the concert contributed to organizing the Iraqi private banks Association will go entirely to the displaced people and the families of the martyrs,

Calling on the private sector to contribute to the reconstruction and campaigns stand side by side with the Government sector to increase opportunities for young people and helping widows and orphans.

For his part the Special Representative called for the UN Secretary General in Iraq in a speech at the ceremony, creating a special atmosphere of joy and security and achieve national reconciliation among the Iraqi people and setting aside differences, stressing the readiness of the United Nations to provide the necessary support to Iraq in these fields.

Senior Agent welcomed the Ministry of culture addressing Jabir al-Jabiri, Iraqi artist Naseer shamma and artists who came to him to give an air of cheerful Iraqis, noting that this ceremony today to mark the international day of peace is intended to prove to the world that we in Baghdad City of peace peace lovers.

Then began the concert, attended by musicians from Brazil and Armenia, America, Italy and Iraq, included six bands carried the addresses, the prettiest and tomorrow/a world without fear "and" Aqua "and" Olympia "and" journey of life/and/spend/.

And gave the world musician Naseer shamma percussion solo Oud, gave it to the spirits of the martyrs of Iraq.

And it was our parents ' Association//to support displaced persons chaired by Chadli artist had established in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi private banks yesterday major ceremonial monument martyr in Baghdad as part of events celebrating the world day of peace, which was honoring the families of martyrs of the Iraqi security forces with different titles.