Internal Inspectorate: 369 financial and administrative corruption during last August

2016/9/22 13:17

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} said Office of the Inspector General of the Interior Ministry, said Thursday the discovery of 369 administrative and financial corruption during its inspection activities and functions around during August last year.

The Inspectorate said in a statement, the Agency received a copy of {Euphrates news} today, "Angels working in Ministry circles and various joints across the country discovered 369 administrative and financial corruption in the month of August, according to the monthly report issued by the planning and monitoring division at the Office of the Inspector.

"The report indicated that the Directorate of audit and financial oversight of the Office during the month of August was able to return {31,844,183} to the State Treasury, recommended re {33,626,333} DT, it barred roared {144,612,125} DT.

"The Department of audit and financial control in month view showed {61} investigative boards and {125} another case, pursued {41} a contract of investment and operational plans.

The Baghdad one Inspectorate directorates of internal inspectorate during the month was able to implement 200 inspection activity was Inspection Committee and 33 165 b Committee on accounting and two visits which detect 149 administrative corruption and 5 financial corruption cases. "

"The provincial inspectorate carried out during the last inspection activity was 290 father b 224 inspection and validation Committee Commission 43 and 23 visit resulted in the discovery of 190 administrative corruption case and 16 corruption Malley.

He noted that "corruption indices that have been uncovered by the Inspector General's Office are in the areas of {career exploitation, fraud and negligence, bribery and waste of public funds and abuse of power and extortion, embezzlement and theft}".

According to the Directorate of monitoring and performance evaluation during the month was able to implement inspection activities resulting {9} discover 7 administrative corruption cases and cases of financial corruption, carried 34 month evaluation round for Ministry in Diyala province and six Central Audit Department evaluation rounds. "

He hinted that "financial interests statement section of the Directorate had sent 1363 stipulates form integrity during the month, with the number of forms behavior and organization for civil servants {274} and form a special form of {2250}".

"The investigation and legal department had opened during the month of August {653} investigative Board, managed an accomplishment vinegar 353 178 houses and ratified another Board and referred to investigative boards 53 other services referred to the Bicameral Commission of integrity and closed 57 municipalities, disciplinary punishment for convicted 46 issued in other boards. The Directorate has also checking 2553 study document during the month I discovered from 355 forged document. "

The statement noted that "the report also included many other activities in the areas of human rights, training and development, interviews, complaints, bringing the total number of activities carried out by the Directorate of human rights 32-active distributed between visits to the positions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and foreign visits and meetings with international and non-governmental organizations and lectures, with the total number of complaints received by the Office of the Inspector General during the month where delivery accounted for 494 complaints 100%".