Immigration: Sharqat there will be no displacement of operations during the liberation campaign

The Ministry of Displacement and Migration of Iraq, that the government and tribal forces to participate in the restoration of the city of Shirqat in Salahuddin province process, from the control of the organization Daesh, decided to allow the city 's residents not to go out of their homes during the upcoming storm process.
Said Undersecretary of the Ministry of Displacement and Migration, Jassim Mohammed Al - Attiyah, said he "will not get displacements during the military operations in the city of Sharqat; because Iraqi forces allowed people to stay in their homes during the storming of the city to recover it from the control of the organization (Daesh)", as quoted by Anatolia.
The subject Sharqat to the siege of the Iraqi forces, to the east, where the Tigris River to the west and south, as is bordered to the north Qayyarah air base in the province of Nineveh, which are subject to the forces of the army, having recovered from the grip of the militant group in August / August last.
Iraqi forces and expelled the organization "Daesh" than most cities of Salahuddin province, which lies on the Iraqi capital Baghdad , 175 kilometers to the north, however , resides in Sharqat only, the northernmost province, which has seen since his control in the summer of 2014 fierce battles.
There are Sharqat So far, tens of thousands of trapped civilians, and they make up 70%, while where there are displaced people from the cities of Tikrit and Beiji.
Displaced people live from areas of fighting between Iraqi forces and the organization "Daesh", in northern Iraq, a tragic situations harsh, in light of the increase in their numbers, and the wave of rising temperatures that hit the country a few days ago and the lack of humanitarian aid.
The problem of displaced people and is considered one of the difficulties faced by Baghdad in light of the economic crisis plaguing the country, as international organizations estimates that the number exceeded four million displaced people , mostly living in tragic conditions since the control of the "Daesh" on their region in June 2014.
And the waning influence of the terrorist organization in Iraq after dominating the third of the country about two years ago, as a result of military operations by government forces , with the participation of armed militias loyal to them.
Baghdad says it will defeat organized throughout Iraq by the end of this year.