Governor of Basra takes a package of resolutions for lifting the excesses and promote the service actually

2016/09/21 23:00

{Basra: Euphrates news} made Governor of Basra, Majid Nasraoui conservative municipality decisions within the package to promote the fact allkhedmi and removed the excesses.

Nasraoui's Office said in a statement received Agency {news Euphrates} CC "conservative in removing, confiscating livestock and arresting patrons and police headquarters and municipal operations division and raising the necessary excesses, and select an employee before the Basra Municipal Directorate as an engineer with a dedicated staff and work on one street care {tiling, patching, hygiene, reforestation, and reporting about abuses, sewers, electricity, lighting, decorations, water, traffic, traffic engineering}".

"As in select d monthly bonus the first three best streets and there is a link and coordination between responsible about the streets and circles concerned and be connected with {Arabs Kazim Associate Governor for district, municipal Deputy Governor Hassan Al-Najjar Abdul Karim turkeys, raising official abuses, the Energy Department engineer qais Abdel Karim Ali Bakhit distribution Directorate of Basra, lighting Division, Colonel Riad 'idani traffic, Bader Mustafa Bader Agriculture Division, Mustafa traffic engineering}".

He pointed out that "is set up by the municipality to rehabilitate slips streets stating symbolizing qualities and afforestation, irrigation and tiling, lighting and other things that increase the aesthetic Street, with national cleaning company was commissioned to install a cleaner at every intersection roundabout and along rivers, and install a farmhand in streets of Basra is trimming and planting flowers and watering periodically.

Officials assured the people and municipal breaker report regarding unregulated construction and enter Basra police command and operational command of Basra, otherwise the Division Administrator bears responsibility, locate one square {a} to collect rubble and national cleaning month lifting that rubble and mentions the place within minutes of the municipal joint and cleaning company, an associate also charged the municipal Directorate of Basra. Abu Obeid Kaze in coordination with the Division of agriculture for afforestation of all public squares of green and a practical programmer ".

Anyone who has seen drew immediate fines and activate people's coordination with officials of police stations in their areas for the purpose of security men exit with people while going out to remove the excesses and fines, and send the book to all the police stations based on the decisions of the security crisis cell all cooperation with officials, as well as people wrote to the Prime Minister on the development of municipal police and rescue vehicles brought the number of {0} and several police {100} ".

"The Basra Municipal Department communicate with judge Lisa who was appointed by the Supreme Judicial Council to activate the Municipal Act Basra province where there is Iraq's only municipal judge fines must be activated and follows up by Vice Governor for municipalities and Director of Basra."

Anyone who has seen directed to remove all washing and lubricating stations especially in my street skirts, delegates, the resident engineer assigned for cleaning company. Majed Abdul Zahra hajim warning all shops that trash out of stores after the distribution of containers and waste bags for those shops as well as costing confidentiality protect the Mayor accompanied by the resident engineer.

Anyone who has seen citizens ' Affairs Department tasked with daily reports a photographer about abuses in the areas, a weekly meeting of all of the members of the provincial Council, Mr Deputy keeper of Municipal Affairs and the Vice Governor for district and municipal Manager and the police command and operations on addressing the problem of abuses.

He urged to lift the excesses of altoish junction towards Basra Municipal Directorate immediately and contact Mr Governor Abdul Karim a Turkey on it and the latter to report within 24 hours, photographer shows demolition of those abuses.

The statement said "the legal department manager assigned for the municipality to notify officials of Basra cutters provide a geographical map showing conservative preparation and location up to a week and abuses and the priorities project overrun and overtaking on the Central streets, stressing the astthmaralbserh Manager to locate the places where large screens installed, Associate Director of peasant also charged the Mayor selects a plan to erect kiosks that are distinctly at the centres and districts, and provide an integrated plan on the kiosk type and size and size.".