Maysan electricity distribution business development begins the line {33 kV} Northern architecture

2016/9/21 17:14

{Meyssan: Euphrates news} announced electricity distribution Meyssan one Directorate General of distributing electricity South business starting to develop feeder antenna {33 k. v} to feed high martyrs station {33/11 kV} North of architecture.

Eng Chamber Director Jassim rady in a statement received mail {Euphrates news} copy of it today to "engineering and technical staffs in section projects, started pitching dual feeder circuit that comes out of North Station architecture {132 kV}, indicating that the total length of the line {3150 m}, the antenna will be along {2600 m} as well as d meet {550 m}, and will be pitching {106} latticed column with other supplies.

Brady said that fuel the nutritious high martyrs station {33/11 kV}, the objective of the project to decode the new areas feeding jams adjacent to the station, "alluding to the" duration of work {90} days, project within the Directorate General plan South electricity distribution for 2016 ".