Iraq participated in the meeting of the central bankers

21/09/2016 03:50

Iraq Central Bank representatives participate in the work of the fortieth regular session of the Board of Governors of the central banks and monetary agencies Arabic which is set to be launched Thursday in the Moroccan capital of Rabat.

The Bank source said that the discussion of topics of regional and international economic and financial presence of senior officials from the IMF, adding that the Council will discuss the General rules to open the bank account and the safety and security of electronic banking information and international financial reporting standards and their impact on banking supervision and the legal framework for the protection of consumers of financial services and measuring indicators of financial inclusion in Arabic countries and prudential policy and macroeconomic policies and early warning indicators.

Event will attend as an observer, executives both in the Arab World Bank and the International Monetary Fund added to syndicate Arabic and Arabic stock Consortium.

This agenda includes m akasha recommendations and the work of the regional working group to promote financial inclusion in Arabic countries and financial stability team.