Oil approve the establishment of the first refinery in Wasit Shell French "luckiest"

09/21/2016 (0:01 pm) - The number of readings: 93 - Issue (3740)

Wasit / Jabbar Bjay

Announced that the Energy Committee in the House of Wasit province, on Tuesday, for the approval of the Ministry of Oil on the establishment of an oil refinery in the province is the first of its kind, as revealed that a committee of experts began preparing a study for the refinery and determine the location, it confirmed that the French Shell is the "luckiest" to implement the project.

The chairwoman of the committee hope Ugaili in an interview with (long-Presse) "The Council has received a formal letter issued by the Ministry of Oil to ensure the formation of a committee of experts and engineers with the task of preparing the initial establishment of an oil refinery in the province of Wasit card studies of 150 thousand barrels per day," noting that " expert Group and through coordination with the local government proposed three sites for the establishment of the refinery, but more likely to be located between the hand and the Muwafaqiya Albesrukih, southwest of Kut, to be close to the Ahdab oil field. "

She Ugaili, that "the approval of the Ministry of Oil came against the backdrop of repeated requests to the local government and the Council of Wasit province, the need to establish such a large project, due to the presence of two oilfields in Wasit two humpback and Badra card could reach more than 300 thousand barrels per day after reaching the peak production phase." , noting that "many of the specialized international companies visited the province earlier to discuss the possibility of establishing a refinery when it get final approvals, including the French Shell, which will be the luckiest created."

The management of Wasit province, announced on Monday, the (27 April 2014) that the French Shell has expressed a desire to establish an oil refinery in Wasit province, he confirmed that the local government will do its best to obtain the approvals for this refinery.

The Wasit management, has announced (28 September 2014), he agreed with counterpart Iranian Ilam Province, to strengthen the prospects of joint cooperation between the two sides, indicating that it includes the launch of three major investment opportunities for Iranian companies, including the establishment of an oil refinery and petrochemical plant The investment Kut civil Airport.