Parliament Basra demanding Awards qualify iron plant fertilizer plant unlinks Peggy O'Dell

2016/9/21 14:19

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} demanded Parliament Basra, Wednesday, the Cabinet approved the grant amounts allocated to rehabilitate the iron and steel plant, a fertilizer plant disengagement in the southern region of the Baiji refinery.

He said about Basra, Zaheer Abadi during a joint press conference with Vice province, held by the House of representatives building, your correspondent {Euphrates news}, "given the critical economic conditions our country, which requires unity and solidarity among all legislative and executive bodies, where we Parliament Basra, an inspection visit to the iron and steel plant and fertilizer plant in the southern area, and found that you should pay more attention to industry file, make it tributary streams of the federal Treasury, and not rely on oil source As single side rents. "

He added that "it requires revision, {regarding iron and steel plant}, approved by the Cabinet to grant amounts for qualifying plant and monitored in a bank {TBI} to help activate and develop it."
Abbadi noted that "this requires serious pause by the responsible Committee and demonstrate its keenness to activate local industrial and product development.

He continued, "{for chemical fertilizer plant}, call the Department of agriculture to stop buying imported urea producer, accelerate product purchase sink and mbzemtha payment of money towards the South fertilizers plant".

The oil Ministry called, "reducing the purchase of gas x used in the fertilizer industry, from 50 to 25 dinars so as to contribute to the support of Iraqi industry for a hyphen.

Called Abadi, premiership to chemical fertilizer plant unlinks South region fertilizer plant at Baiji, because from the practical, technical and administrative and geographic futile and therefore there will be a negative burden on industrial and economic movement in the province. "