Iraq meets with World Bank financial conditions and the expenses of the war against Daesh

2016/9/21 13:21

[Where - Baghdad]

Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari with World Bank Vice President Hafez Ghanem provide the money needed for Iraq.

A statement by his press office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of the "al-Jaafari met with Ghanem on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly meetings in New York During the meeting, they discussed financial conditions experienced by Iraq, and the expenses of the war against terrorism, and the contribution of the World Bank in providing the necessary funds for Iraq ".

And cross-Jaafari thanked the World Bank's support for Iraq, and provided funds to ease the financial hardship resulting from lower oil prices, the cost of the war against terrorism, stressing that Iraq will exceed the current crisis, and will work to meet financial obligations and loans, all of which contributed to overcome the crisis, calling on the World Bank to open dialogues with countries that have debt on Iraq, and assess what Iraq is going through, and the postponement of the financial dues until the recovery of the financial situation, Iraq's economic and fulfillment of the sacrifices of Iraqis to defend himself, and on behalf of all of the goal Barhabiya the global threat of the world Daesh.

For his part, World Bank Vice President Alciecd Hafez Ghanem stressed that the bank is committed to supporting Iraq, and provide the necessary financial assistance; to ease the financial pressure that Iraq is going through, and that the World Bank allocated more than 35 percent of the funds provided by the bank for the region to cover the necessary funds, noting Iraq is a rich country, but it is going through exceptional circumstances, and will not require any future aid after the eradication of terrorism, and the return of stability and support investment, and employment of the wealth enjoyed by explaining: that the priorities of the World Bank financial budget support, and provide the necessary for the reconstruction of liberated areas of funds; to ensure the return of displaced families to their home areas in addition to the support of projects undertaken by the provincial councils; to provide employment opportunities, and the development of the economic aspect, and that the success of Iraq at this point is the success of the World Bank, noting: that Iraq provides service to the entire international community through confront gangs Daesh terrorist; making it the world's responsibility towards him big to overcome its current crisis.