Hakim heads the first meeting of the National Alliance of the absence of the Sadrists

Baghdad balances News:
The political body of the National Alliance held on Tuesday a meeting chaired by National Alliance leader al-Hakim. The meeting to discuss several files, including the institutionalization of the National Alliance. The leader of the Dr. Kamel al-Zaidi National Alliance "The meeting today was very important that the president of the National Alliance, Ammar al-Hakim was optimistic about the return of the brothers in the Sadr movement." He explained about the absence of coalition leaders that al-Hakim had wanted to be a meeting of the Political Commission and the presence of the leadership but when he learned the travel of Mr. Abadi and Mr. al-Jaafari made the meeting of the General Authority. He added that "there is a determination to attend the meetings of the brothers in the Liberal Alliance" and revealed that Hakim will meet a delegation from the Sadrist movement and discuss with them their return to the coalition. He was the head of the citizen, Hamid vegetative today, "If the foundation stone essential to institutionalize the alliance and block mode, will solve a lot of issues, including restructuring of the state and the required reforms, and work by proxy and pressure on the government to provide services, and the pressure on the House of Representatives to provide the important projects Kalmgmh Federal and others, as well as large bills have a role in the development of work and provide service to the Iraqi people. " He vegetative, he expressed the hope that "there will be an agreement on what questions are meeting today for the institutionalization of the coalition." The National Alliance was elected unanimously, on the fourth of this September, the head of the Iraqi Islamic Supreme Council, Ammar al-Hakim, the leader of the alliance.