Maliki attacked the Sadrists: storming institutions from some quarters havoc own eye

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Head of a coalition of state law, Nuri Kamal al-Maliki said the storming of the institutions has been said in some quarters not a reform, but a particular marring. Maliki reiterated the need to play the Iraqi tribes in turn, in the next phase within the nation-building process, explaining that could clans that play an important role in uniting the floor and row and stand against challenges suspicious and projects that try to enemies of Iraq implemented in order to sow discord tearing spectrums of society. He called for a real endorsement of the reform project is not just a slogan, as some do when it displays the state of humiliation and overtaking and the storming of government institutions under the pretext of reform and the fight against corruption, describing these actions b (corruption) Maliki warned foreign projects that seek to discourage citizens from participating in the next elections under various pretexts, stressing that the aim of the enemy is a fundamental change in the political process through the theft of the citizen's rights to choose who sees fit to take responsibility.