Urgent: two US landing in the desert of Karbala for an hour

(I know this is dated 9/20, but I really like it so that's why I want to post it)

High in the desert of Karbala area touched down two US helicopters for more than an hour without knowing the details

Well-informed security sources told Nun news reporting it at the ninth hour of the evening Tuesday, 09/20/2016 landed two US Apache and Chinook in the high desert area in Karbala, explaining that this aircraft is not the first time landing in the area but it's the fourth time.

The team retired Gen. Wafiq al-Samarrai has said in an earlier statement, he told N. news reporting that Nikhaib and similar parcel of the philosophy of the security of the holy sites and security of tens of millions of visitors part annually, calling the security and intelligence Karbala and management to act under the requirements in coordination with the central government to prevent the penetration in the most sensitive areas.