Progress of Iraqi forces liberated areas south of the city of Mosul

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Iraqi forces have made progress in its offensive launched today for the Liberation of areas west of the country and spend Sharqat support of the international coalition forces to regain control of one stronghold of al Daesh in Salahuddin province judiciary in an important step towards the restoration of the city of Mosul occupied since June 2014. The military announced Tuesday that the media cell regain control of the residential complex to spend Sharqat south of Mosul, the northern Salahuddin province (120 km north-west of Baghdad) from the control of the organization Daesh. She said that the cuts in the cell 35 Armored Division brigade ninth crowd clan have taken control of the residential complex reality behind Alchristla area .. referring to raise the Iraqi flag over the buildings. He confirmed to Daesh military official killed in Sharqat and two of his companions artillery pointing out that he has been monitoring wireless calls between al Daesh leaders in Sharqat, during which they exchanged accusations of betrayal among themselves after the break through their contacts .. pointing out that one of the calls spoke of the collapse of the 12 stationing points of regulation without a fight and flee elements to a depth of Sharqat. The Prime Minister General Commander of the Armed Forces, Haider al-Abadi announced in a televised message from New York where he is attending meetings of the United Nations General Assembly that the Iraqi forces began the restoration of the islands and spend Sharqat Hit and Ramadi in Anbar province. Forces have been able to edit from five villages in the north of the province Sharqat spend with start operations recovered from the grip of the organization amid speculation that the entire judiciary is released in two days.