Kuwaiti media delegation calls on his meeting with al-Maliki of Iraq to the need to join the Gulf Cooperation Council

Friday, April 27 / April 2012 06:09

[Baghdad - where]

Called on the Kuwaiti media delegation during a meeting with Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki night need to Iraq to join the Gulf Cooperation Council

A statement from Maliki's office said the prime minister received his official office this evening and Kuwaiti media delegation including several ministers and deputies Kuwaitis.

He added that al-Maliki welcomed the members of the Kuwaiti delegation and wished them a pleasant stay in their second Iraq, and that the mutual visits contribute to the development of relations between the two neighboring countries, and expand the horizons of cooperation between the two brotherly peoples, particularly in the areas of media and cultural, scientific and Cbiabah and feminism.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of developing relations between Iraq and Kuwait in all fields, particularly economic, reiterated the call to Kuwaiti companies to work in Iraq and contribute to the process of building and construction, and said: I feel happy when I find Arab companies are in Iraq, because that gives more than one meaning, It also reflects the excellent relations between Iraq and his brothers.

The meeting dealt with the situation in Syria MacKay referred to Maliki said Iraq's position on the events in Syria is the need to preserve the freedom of the Syrian people and claim their rights and achieve their aspirations through elections and democratic means, and not to resort to the military option, saying that Iraq has taken the necessary measures to prevent the passage of arms to Syria by land or water or sky.

The Prime Minister said: We do not want any country to think on our behalf, because we are today is a country working to establish better relations of friendship with everyone on the basis of mutual respect and common interests and non-interference in internal affairs.

Qkr and the statement that the members of the Kuwaiti media delegation expressed their desire and aspiration to establish a special relationship between the two countries especially in the economic field, and that there will be a true partnership at work between Iraqi companies and Kuwaiti companies to invest in Iraq.

He called on members of the delegation to the need for Iraq to join the Gulf Cooperation Council, in addition to activation of the Silk Road to serve the common interests and economic development in the region. / End