Iraq index closes down by pressing the banks

20 September 2016 03:39 pm

Live: market general index slipped Iraq stock exchange by the end of trading on Tuesday, under pressure from tumbling banking sector.

The General index fell at the close of the day 0.35% to 568.21 level points, loser 2.01 points, compared with levels in Monday's session..

Today's index was affected by declining Bank shares, where prices have fallen 9 arrows 4 Babylon Bank-led sector down 4.35%, 2.5% credit Bank retreated despite rising 4.55 percent by Bank of Mosul quantities activity 190.94 million shares traded.

And shares retreating stocks today dates processing towards 7.8%, with exports asiacell who returned to deliberations today top gainers 8.94% dividend. add some values activity by 144 million dinars.

Today's turnover slipped to 660.03 million shares compared to 817.9 million shares yesterday, while liquidity rose to 546.84 million versus 508.69 million dinars on Monday.