Under the reform plan. Minister of industry commissioned two managers 5 ends the Ministry

2016-09-20 at 16:28

Baghdad the balance of news

Industry Minister Mohammad agency sheyaa, Tuesday, ending the mandate and rotate two managers in five Ministers in the first phase of the administrative reform plan.

The Ministry said in a statement, the balance of news/copy of it, "Industry Minister Muhammad sheyaa Agency, announced the first phase of his plan for administrative reform in all departments and enterprises of the Ministry for the advancement of the status of the workflow and performance in the Ministry and companies in order to allow for efficient and professional staffs that have not previously had the opportunity to take positions of responsibility."

The statement added that "the Minister decided after reviewing and evaluating the work of some corporate managers and law enforcement departments and agents agency Inspector General quit mandating recycling 5 two managers.

The statement said that "among managers who have been assigned administrative service managers quit and human resources in the Ministry and the General company for fertilizers and engineering reference company and public company for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies in Samarra and recycle general managers in General company for hydraulic industry General company for communications equipment and capacity", noting that "new managers were assigned for three months for management companies and departments listed after deliberation and scrutiny on their resume and interview to determine the degree of readiness to take responsibility wemaihamloh see to work And address the problems and obstacles, especially in these critical circumstances. "

The Sudanese statement stressed that "the nomination subject to standards of integrity and professional competence and experience, and to check for new mandate-holders came from employees of companies and departments themselves who have spent long years in a job that influence positively make the right decisions and diagnose the strengths and weaknesses of that circle and company."

He continued, "these are the first stage followed by later stages to include the rest of the managers of companies and departments in the Ministry with the same vision and approach to the work currently underway to assess the work of boards of Directors in public companies and Associates performance review general managers in corporate circles for the purpose of verifying their entitlement to these sites and assess their performance during the past period as all departments officials in the Ministry's departments and companies."