Oil approve the establishment of the first refinery in Wasit

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It announced that the Energy Committee in the House of Wasit province, on Monday, all get the consent of the Oil Ministry on the establishment of the first oil refinery in the province to take advantage of crude oil in the fields of humpback and Badra oilfields, saying it identified three places for the establishment of a refinery in the province.

The head of the Energy Committee of the Board of hope Ugaili in an interview, "The Oil Ministry sent a technical committee to determine the place where the establishment of the refinery Wasit oil and chose three places, the first between Muwafaqiya and Albesrukih, and the second between Kut and NUMANIYA, and the latter did not specify by the Commission which took into account the proximity of the Ahdab oil field. "

She Ugaili, that "the provincial council's efforts resulted in the approval of the Minister of Oil Jabbar and coffee on the establishment of oil refinery in order to take advantage of the extracted crude oil from the fields of humpback and Badra oilfields," likely "the stability of the technical committee sent by the Oil Ministry's decision created between Muwafaqiya and Albesrukih to its proximity to the field oil humpback to be a cost-effective. "

She explained that "the province began immediately to form a specialized committee to take the necessary legal and technical procedures for the establishment of the refinery as soon as possible through the selection of a representative of the Wasit oil body with the committee charged by the ministry," pointing out that "approval of the establishment of the refinery is an important historic event in the province, as it would result in an economic paradigm shift and absorb a large part of the unemployment of the youth Kut. "

Ugaili he pointed out that "the committee prepared a study for the exploitation associated with crude oil extracted gas that goes to waste by burning it, causing significant financial losses have been sent to the Ministry of Oil to be prepared in cooperation with the Association of Engineers in Wasit."

It is noteworthy that many foreign companies expressed a desire to establish an oil refinery in Wasit, and the international oil company "Shell" one of them, and wish I applied through the establishment of an oil refinery in Kut, a total capacity of 150 thousand barrels per day.

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