Independent living sherqat: 4 km away from the security forces, the judiciary and provide phenomenal

2016/9/20 12:35

{Saladin: Euphrates news} current situation said spend dahdouh, sharqat on security forces, 4 kilometres from judicial justice.

And dahdouh said, {Euphrates news}, security forces just 4 kilometers from spend sherqat, likely to apply security forces grip on the judiciary, before Lille today. "

"The security forces, and several villages have been freed from the judiciary, if this momentum will eliminate the night back into the arms of the homeland."

Dahdouh, pointed to "edit more than 10 villages from South, West and North, from the North, the village was liberated, wekhdaan, walaithh, walkhdaranet, from the West Village is edited the Ramadan, and new, beautiful South, almsihali village were destroyed, villages and farms of Apple of the Crown".

He stressed that "progress, parents receive security forces wedding anthem," pointing out that "the security forces just 4 kilometers from the Center, the villages of alkhdaranih in sharqat is? 3 km from the Center, beautiful villages, about 3 km, walmsihli and residential just miles from the Center.

And Tuesday, emancipation spend sherqat Northern Salahuddin, three axis forces base 1 to the South-East, the axis of tulul is your badge to the North-East, the axis of tulul is your badge to the East.

Security units have made progress toward eliminating, saluting the troops advanced towards eliminating forces base cut 9 kilometers, toward spending the other axes, sharqat, cut one 5 miles, and the other 4 kilometres. According to the operational commander Saladin lt stubbornly Friday, l {Euphrates news}