People crowd announce the start of operations, "the dawn of Sharqat" of the three axes

Command announced the popular crowd, Tuesday, for the start of operations , " the dawn of Sharqat" of the three axes for the Liberation of the judiciary , which is considered the last stronghold of the organization "Daesh" criminal in Salahuddin province.

He Almtddt as the popular crowd Ahmed al - Asadi said in a statement, said that "with the early morning hours of Tuesday , 9/20 , and concurrent with the anniversary of the biggest feast of God , where the completion of the debt and the completion of grace state of the faithful peace be upon him and in this overwhelming moral atmosphere zap your sons of the heroes of the popular crowd and the sons of the Iraqi army , backed Beskor air force and army Aviation heroes to simply start operations ( at dawn Sharqat) to complete editing and complete joy to expel the terrorist gang of Iraqi land usurped. "

He said al - Asadi, that "with the wee hours made ​​legions towards the objectives of the three - axis direction Shirqat city," adding "we will be on a date with a victory in the Ashurbanipal Castle and its environs , where liberate today 's heroes history glorious landmarks of Conception Aldoaash Altkfferin and will be
liberated man in Sharqat by architecture ".