Minister of reconstruction: we remove the slums of existence and have reduced the cost of dwelling unit for disabled to 75%

Mon, 19 Sep 2016 15:19:27

Construction and Housing Ministry, municipalities, national housing Council agreement, to develop capable to reduce the phenomenon of slums and adoption rate of handicapped category covered by reducing residential units to 75% of the value of the dwelling unit.

The Ministry said in a statement that "the Minister of construction and housing, municipalities that gratis Osei ninth Chair for housing in the presence of distinguished Secretary of the Cabinet Secretariat Mr {Madi relationship} and head of NIC {Dr Sami Al-araji} and Undersecretary Eng {istabrak Thistle} and administrative agent for the Ministry Mr {Yılmaz Shahbaz} and representatives from the ministries of planning and finance, migration, internal displacement and in addition to representatives from Baghdad and Baghdad and the number of institutions involved.

Osei said in a press conference followed the meeting discussed the coordination and follow up the implementation of the activities of the national housing policy on Iraq adopted by the Council of Ministers under its session number {43} for 2011 and need updating and coordination with the United Nations human settlements programme {for} add to draw housing alstratigiat under it.

She added, "it was frequently discussed in the capital Baghdad and the need to take measures to control and limit the future reach as well as the adoption of the proportion covered by devaluing residential units for the beneficiaries of the handicapped to 75% of the value of the dwelling unit, also discussed the topic of housing investment under the National Housing Council meeting minutes and ways to attract investment company discreet being the most appropriate solution to solve the housing crisis in the country."

And stressed that "the guidance and decisions of the National Council for housing sector actors enforceable and all authorities after cabinet endorsement, while emphasizing the importance of Board meetings regularly and periodically to discuss and resolve emerging themes".