The disappearance of 12 billion dinars from the health Salahuddin .. and purses: the Inspectorate of the Ministry protects corrupt

2016/9/19 17:28

[Oan- Baghdad]

Detecting governor of Salahuddin province, Ahmed al-Jubouri, for the disappearance of 12 billion dinars from the presidency of the health of the province.

He called the conservative al-Jubouri, in his page on the social networking site [Facebook], "the Ministry of Health to investigate the immediate fate of 12 billion dinars disappeared from the allocations of the Presidency of the health of the province," accusing the Inspectorate of the Ministry "to protect the corrupt by objecting to maintain the measures taken in the process of changing the health situation for the better."

According to him Jubouri said during his inspection visit to the hospital Samarra year, "This hospital does not meet the most basic needs of patients and it's empty of medicines even simple ones and complain about the lack of staff compared to the tasks entrusted to it by providing medical services to the people and the security forces."

He said, "We demanded the Ministry of Health to visit hospitals in the province several times, to no avail and that the focus of the surprise we have, especially after the stability of the security situation, the return of most of the displaced families," adding that "auditors and patients in Samarra hospital from a lack of medical and health services."