British Envoy calls for support of captured suspects Iraq power transmission projects

2016/9/19 17:02

{Baghdad: Euphrates news} electricity Minister Qasim captured suspects Monday British Prime Minister Trade Envoy Baroness Emma Nicholson and her entourage of business leaders and companies, during the meeting to discuss investment opportunities and potential contribution of British companies to support energy projects in Iraq.

The captured suspects said in a statement received {Euphrates news} copy today that "there are promising investment plans in Iraq in various areas of energy wemaihmna is Iraq gas investment opportunity to utilize it for power generation.

The delegation reviewed several plans and ideas, including the use of solar energy in the day period during peak load, and use gas on night shift {hybrid plants} to generate energy.

Electricity Minister explained that "there are several countries sought to invest in Iraq and supporting electricity projects, including the United States of America through the GE business company which provided maintenance for plants this year and contributed to add 750 Mika Watts had a clear impact during these months.

He called the captured suspects companies within Entourage to present their ideas to support power transmission projects in Iraq.

Meanwhile made Baroness Nicholson said "thanks to Minister and confirmed they are willing to support and invest in Iraq in infrastructure and energy projects in particular".