Economist's (Citizen), the end of the seventh item and the arrival of invoking the investment value of the currency
On: Tuesday 14/12/2010 18:30

BAGHDAD / Mostafa Hashemi
The economist said Essam Mahouelle to pay Iraq's economy depends on two cases are the seventh item and investment. He's Mahouelle (citizen) that the withdrawal of Iraq from Chapter VII makes it a free economy, allowing him to dispose of all his money without the fear of the independence claims of creditor nations with their own money accumulated on the country in decades. He added that the liberalization of the economy Mahouelle important requirement for the reform of economic system of the country through the introduction of global investment firms, which Iraq needs at the moment for the advancement of the economy
and raise the value of Iraqi dinar after deletion of zeros from the currency.

Explaining that the political stability and security are two important factors in this aspect, as the strength of a country's economy is derived from political stability, which allows movement of the economy in any field, whether to invest or in any other. Stressing that the population of Iraq is small compared to what is owned by the country of tremendous wealth and potential undiscovered.