Labor Department invites the unemployed to register on its database

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Baghdad called on the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs seekers registered unemployed in the Employment Service data base and loans to update their data. A spokesman for the Ministry of Labour Ammar Menem said in a statement the economy News / received a copy of it, that based on the minister directives at a meeting of directors of departments operating loans department called the Ministry of Labour seekers registered work has, for the period from 2004 to 2012 to review sections deployed in Baghdad and the provinces circuit for the purpose of update their data.

He added that the department will receive job-seekers for the period from 01/10/2016 until 12/01/2016 for the purpose of updating their information and otherwise will be Aspt.e.m of service provided by the department for this category. He noted that the Ministry of Labour registered job seekers through the centers and offices operating according to form Electronic prepared for this purpose in order to admit them into the database, nomination to benefit from the services of the ministry, including the access to soft loans and set up income-generating projects in accordance with the precedence and qualifications.

He said Menem, the conditions and the required documents for registration is (to be out of work and had no steady supplier, and that the age between a (15-60) for men and up to 55 years for women, and be able to perform the job, as well as bring the document to graduate from (college, or institute, or junior high, or medium) or book cut the relationship of the last school where there was a school leavers ages (15-25 years), as well as the support of the chosen for those who did not go to school), and after the completion of the archives are registered unemployed and give him Advisory card to take advantage of the operating loan and a circle in the field of employment and training opportunities and loan services.