International Coalition equipped Iraq with weapons in preparation for the Liberation of Mosul

2016/9/19 12:33

[Where - Baghdad]

Embarked on international coalition forces and of the Australian and the New Zealand side, the processing of the Sixth Infantry Brigade Infantry Division Seventy sixteen arms and communication equipment in preparation for the battle to liberate Mosul.

A statement of the Ministry of Defense received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, from the commander of the brigade, Brigadier General Ali Khalid as saying "that the units of the banner is ready to fight the next battle, which will be assigned by a private battle to liberate Mosul beneficiaries of distilled lessons Astkhalsoua from previous battles."

He stressed that "the employees of the brigade are keen to protect and save the innocent people in the city of Mosul during editing process," adding that "the fighters make their covenant with the people dear to them to liberate the last inch of the homeland."