Salahuddin province is discussing with the opening of the education schools in the three districts

2016/9/19 11:12

[Where - Salahuddin]

Examined the Salahuddin province, on Monday, with the director of education in the province, the opening of schools in the three districts.

According to a statement to the province of Salah al-Din received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it today, that "the deputy governor of Salahuddin for Planning and Construction Hani al-Shammari, visited the Director General of Education Salahuddin flowered Sarhan, with his number of notables soft zone and infestation Tel Ksabh, to discuss the issue schools were closed in the areas mentioned last year. "

He pointed to the "closure of schools was due to lack of teaching staff, demanding to maintain breeding Directorate to open schools and provide an opportunity for them to complete their journey of study."
Shammari stressed "the need to expedite the provision of competent cadres of teaching, and work on repairing the damage from schools in order to be ready before the start of the new school year."