Israeli police fired bullets on Palestinians in Jerusalem

.osab Palestinians, Monday, was seriously injured as a result of being shot by Israeli forces claimed that he stabbed two policemen in Jerusalem.

Israeli police said the appeal process took place at Herod 's Gate in Jerusalem, which is one of the gates of the old town.

Police spokeswoman said the policewoman was seriously injured, while the other policeman described the wounds as moderate.

The security sources said that the police Otfatt lead on the appeal process port, a young Palestinian in the 20th from the old 0.3

The young man was injured as a result of Israeli bullets injuries described as serious.

It was another Palestinian stabbed an Israeli officer south of the West Bank Sunday, before he gets seriously injured by firing him.

The Palestinian territories have seen in the last three days of great tension after a period of relative calm.

Since Friday, killing four Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces, who said they tried to
implement stabbed and run over operations against Israeli