Rouhani: Islamic and revolutionary countries have an important role in providing security of North Africa and the Middle East

The head of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rowhani on the need to maintain and strengthen security and stability in North Africa and the Middle East, pointing out that the great Islamic and revolutionary nations is assumed in the current circumstances the responsibility in order to return the brothers and provide security.
According to the Agency for International Tasnim news agency that Hassan Rowhani said during a meeting with the President of the Algerian Parliament Abdul Qadir Bin Saleh on the sidelines of the NAM Summit in Margarita Venezuelan island, that the Islamic revolution in Iran and the revolution in Algeria as revolutions superpowers in the region have enjoyed a popular Islamist feature, saying that the Algerian people stop in the face of colonialism and domination of foreign and Iranian people stop in front of the internal despotism and external colonialism and triumphed.
He added: must also invest across the energies of the two countries to raise the level of economic and political cooperation to take advantage of these capabilities to promote regional stability.
He said Rohani, strengthening the banking, industrial, scientific and tourism cooperation and increase private sector ties between the two countries in the post - nuclear agreement, a necessary stage, saying: should the development of relations between the two countries in all fields and can two countries ' parliaments play an important role in this area.
In turn , stressed the head of the Algerian parliament his country 's determination to raise the level of relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, saying that the strengthening and expansion of these stem from the will of the peoples of Iran and Algeria two great relations.
He noted the need to settle the problems of the region by the countries of the region without foreign interference, adding that Iran would play an influential role in the meeting of oil - producing countries in Algeria in order to create a balance in the oil market