Iranian newspaper headlines on Monday:

Iran 's most prominent headlines of the day Monday, 19/09/2016.


Leader of the Revolution: the fundamental constants, distrust authoritarian powers, led by America

Iran denies receiving any message from America on the dialogue about the Yemeni crisis

Rouhani: Solidarity Independent States achieves its goals

Storm Security Council session on the back of the US raid on Syrian forces in Deir al - Zour

Kayhan Arab

Leader: lack of absolute trust Americanised outcome of rationality to what we've seen of hostility over the past years and in the nuclear talks

Confessions «Colin Powell» further evidence of the need to strengthen the military capabilities of Iran

Muslim scholars gathered in Lebanon: We declare our solidarity with Iran is right in its demand for the formation of a neutral committee to investigate the massacre Mona Facts

President Rouhani: proud by standing to the side of the Palestinian people, and the Zionist entity plays a chord with the region 's crises


US senator to visit Tehran and leave without informing the media

Crossing more than one thousand plane over Iranian airspace a day
Special Trade Representative of the Prime Minister of Britain: US Treasury pursuing the settlement of the problem of international economic ties to Iran
British car MG displaced by the curtain today in Tehran
Moscow: White House defends terrorists in Syria
Obama decide in October on reducing the number of US nuclear weapons
The American attack on popular sites for the crowd in Iraq
Research Center of the Shura Council: Economic growth in Iran increased by 6.6% during the current year
Leader of the Revolution: the need to remove threats growing professionalism of the Armed Forces
Secretary of the Commission on Human Rights: A semi - large between the Iranian judicial system and Italian
Launching a joint military parade between the army and the Revolutionary Guards north of the Strait of Hormuz
An attack on the leadership of the Indian army in Kashmir resulted in 17 dead 20 injured
Leader of the Revolution: lack of confidence in America caused by the fruit of rationality of thought and experience
The start of the International Meeting for "Kappa" in Tehran with the participation of 150 investors from 20 countries
Rowhani , being many consultations on the sidelines of the NAM summit
It is not accepted therapeutic team responsible for the treatment of filmmaker Kiarostami
Jomhuri - ye Eslami
Leader of the Revolution: the only factor to remove military threats military and defense competence
Simultaneous attack America and Israel against Syria and Iraq for the benefit of terrorists
Tunisia scientists warn the Saudi government to politicize the Hajj
Deputy Oil Minister: start attracting foreign investors in the oil field next week
Leader of the Revolution: Solving the military establishments words wrong
Moscow: America has become Daesh air force
Rouhani: the Zionist entity , the main suspect in the design and expansion of Daesh crimes
Supporters of God: America would be unable to play the role of mediator in Yemen
Imam Khamenei: the only factor to remove threats defensive competence and bear the horror in the hearts of enemies
Truce in Syria was a deception ... joint operations to Daesh America in Deir al - Zour
Turkish and Egyptian officials meet to end three years of sour relations between the two countries
Chomsky: Republicans and Democrats are two branches of a single party
Homeland Emrouz
Leader of the Revolution: There are sane abandon its defense forces
Abdallahaan: Major General Qasem Soleimani , the head of a great money for Iran and the region
17 Indian soldiers killed in Kashmir
US attack on the popular crowd sites
Source: Iranian newspapers