Lebanese press on Monday

I addressed the Lebanese newspapers on Monday 19/9/2016 in Beirut several topics, most notably the developments of the Presidency file ..

Berri with Franjieh ... Siniora , Aoun will not be elected .. And «mound» waiting
Hariri embarrassing: «Saraya» or «Court»?

Newspaper Ambasserottan this address I wrote the ambassador says , "nine days separating bets conflicting owners for the presidential election on September 28 session that is supposed to make up a test for each« divers », either the valid expectations the election of General Michel Aoun , President and either enter the crisis into a new phase open all the gloomy scenarios.

While each of the optimists or pessimists, locally, the election of Aoun soon based on assumptions and judgments mixed stemmed some of the political facts and others of emotions personal, but that the most influential element is the Saudi position that appears to be «subject of interpretation», between those who assert constantly rigor against «General» and those who believed that he has become at least neutral.

There are supposed to in this context that the pressure on Hariri to support Aoun 's candidacy, without being immune to Saudi green light, will lead to the following Mufail:
Hariri will lose more of the popular tally in his street and his environment.
Stafrt «Future bloc», as a number of its members rebelled on Hariri 's decision down to the end to leave him, and not unlikely to issue a severe reaction from Prime Minister Fouad Siniora.
Would seek Saudi Arabia to fight against Hariri , who will be subjected to severe siege and resort to support the extremists on the Sunni arena, including «hawks future», so the Hariri situation will become like the Status of President Najib Mikati , when he took over the presidency of the previous government supported by a team March 8, as Riyadh insisted on boycott despite all the attempts made ​​to get closer to them.

And alerts the great reference that Hariri , who will win the premiership if Aoun was elected , unlike the royal will, lose in return additional parts of his movement, as well as regional ally, wondering as there was an interest in pushing Prime «future» to what looks like a «political suicide», with highlights in the courtyard militant figures who are trying to inherit his leadership and biting his influence and popularity from extremist and populist slogans.

In contrast, the enthusiasts is to pay Hariri to decipher its course for the Saudi track in presidential elections, said the bold decision of this kind will refit the door wide to the presidency of the government , which is the beginning mandatory to correct the imbalance in the national balance, «eight with Aoun and Hezbollah this time determined an unprecedented run for the presidential battle until the end, which means that the options are limited Hariri , but no matter how long, and the sooner the election of Aoun tempered by the cost of waiting and good conditions for his negotiating ».

They point out that Saudi Arabia preoccupied originally for the Lebanese file and even Hariri and crises, what gives him the right to restore self - initiative to save what can be saved before it's too late, because survival in this state of stagnation means more attrition, while there is a valuable opportunity for him to conclude a rescue historic settlement, on the basis of a true partnership.

Berri: This About Me
At this time, Speaker Nabih Berri surprised organized campaign designed to be held responsible for not elected Aoun, adding that the purpose is to modulating the facts and distortion of facts.

He says Berri's «ambassador» that if Prime Minister Saad Hariri decided to support Aoun, it becomes «General» President tomorrow in isolation from my position, how am I from Oarql arrival at Baabda Palace?

But Perry does not hide at the same time the initial choice: whether to choose between Michel Aoun and Suleiman Franjieh, I was elected Franjieh , without hesitation, I have my reasons.

When asked Perry whether he can be elected if Aoun , Hariri agreed to support? Answer: Not necessarily .. and my position could be between a white ballot paper and the withdrawal from the electoral session.

Berry does not abide that adds afterthought: just in case was consensus on the election Aoun within the basket of a national understanding on the post office, can be elected as the General, because the priority should be a political project and not a person, and even in relation to Bfranjih, I say explicitly that if prior agreement with him did not get the foundations of the integrated basketball, the elected Sakhrzina from one crisis to bring us in the other immediately.

Berri and paid a lot of attention or significance of the leaks about to meet Saad Hariri - Gebran Bassil in Paris, drawing attention to the acceptance of the help decision president does not depend on Hariri only, but that Saudi Arabia 's position in the articular area, «and my information derived from reliable sources that Riyadh did not agree until this moment on Aoun 's choice, and as long as its position in this manner, any words of another , such as selling fish in the sea .. ».

Berri is keen to emphasize that maintaining Hariri site is the public interest and the need for a national, no matter how different with him, saying that the disabling of dialogue, the government and the Council under the pact slogan but aims to push for the production of the following equation: «collapse of the state or election Aoun», stressing that he refuses to submit to this kind of pressure.

Siniora: We are committed Bfranjih
In light of the divergent conclusions of what was to become of « the center of Beit» position «General», Prime Minister Fouad Siniora says for «ambassador» The reports about the possible approval of the «future» and Saad Hariri , the election of Aoun 's president, in a meeting September 28: «not true absolutely ».

He denies Siniora for a meeting between Hariri and Minister Gebran Bassil in Paris, adding that the possibility of a positive shift in Hariri 's position on the aid in the period of separation from a meeting September 28, as some fancy, «is not realistic prospect of not based on any bases». He continues: «In any case, a nine - day show things for what they are , and what the news of the day de Bwlos, virgin freebee ..».

Siniora and surprised some people resort to the link between the financial situation of Hariri and the approval of the election Aoun hypothesis, wondering: What is the link between the two? Connect it strange, as if Hariri will use public money when he becomes head of the government in order to address poked personal.

Siniora and expressed his belief that the infusion of this quantity expectations and rumors about Hariri 's intention to support Aoun , but is designed to download Prime «future» responsibility Later, when these expectations are not fulfilled and does not count those rumors.

He points out that «Hezbollah» also contributes to the dissemination of a stressful atmosphere in the direction of the election Aoun, as a matter of indemnification and to suggest to him that the party did as much as he can in order to deliver it to the presidency, as some of the pumping «optimism placebo» aims to give Aoun a syringe anesthetic.

When Siniora said that the head of the party «Lebanese Forces» Samir Geagea also pay towards the election of the «General», answers: Camel structure and the structure of beauty ...

Confirms Siniora said « the future» is so far committed to the nomination of MP Suleiman Franjieh There has been no change to this option, but if the horizon impasse continues, without being able Franjieh or Aoun breached, it may become necessary to then search for other option is acceptable, We are in this offering are not playing from behind the back of our candidate Franjieh , who has confirmed his willingness to withdraw the case was a national consensus on another name.

Rabieh optimistic ..
Orange approach differs entirely presidential scene, and emphasizes the leading sources in «Free Movement» for «ambassador» There are discussed within the «future» about the election «General» option, multiple indicators, including the debate in the famous meeting of «Future bloc», and statements and visits open to some members of the cluster, the last position of former deputy Ghattas Khoury , who did not lock the door to alternative Franjieh nomination choice.

According to sources close to Aoun indicators to be emitted from within the corridors of the «future» is a source of optimism and positive leaks, not a mound , which continues the popular preparations to move according to schedule, if you are carrying a new hearing September 28.

Draws sources note that after September will become very difficult to achieve any breakthrough in the presidential matter, because the priority will be for the election law with the beginning of the ordinary contract for the House of Representatives in mid - October, and if it is not a new law, Lebanon is in front of the unknown.

The sources ruled out to be a Saudi ban on election Aoun is still valid, citing the Saudi positions , which denies the existence of «veto» any candidate, and the gala dinner held by the former ambassador Ali Awad Asiri and called him «General», adding that Samir Geagea , who has a relationship excellent Riyadh supports the nomination «General». The sources add: Maybe Lebanon is not among the priorities of the ruling kingdom and her team at this stage, but this thing and say that Riyadh prevent election Aoun something else.

And see the sources said that after the accident led yesterday to currently deputy secretary general for «Hezbollah» , Sheikh Naim Kassem , deputy head of the party «troops» George Adwan uphold supported Aoun 's candidacy, it has become clear that the problem is when «Future Movement» and Hariri on addressing these obstacles and difficulties facing his team.
Any goals behind the game leaks programmed?

Newspaper Alnharotnaolt day internal affairs she wrote , "with the absence of Prime Minister Tammam Salam for the country in the period of up to twenty - fourth of September will allow room for leeway search for a way out of government stalemate is stuck at the repercussions of the province of Change and Reform bloc sessions Cabinet, this leeway does not look characterized political cold as the discretion of the many. So that leaks and rumors focused on all matters relating to the position of Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri of the presidential battle, which continues chapters in turn reflect the preparatory stage of the political escalation of the Free Patriotic Movement campaign will not stand when waiting for the potential to find a way out of government impasse pursuits , having lifted the current ceiling of his agenda to the pact address and select lines and detailed timelines for escalating his movements starting from the date of the next presidential election session on September 28 , down to the memory of October 13 , which is believed it will Tharika street. Circles believes political cope with this climate that the intervening days for the return of peace , the president , who heads Lebanon 's delegation to the opening of the regular session of the United Nations in New York and take part in conferences on refugees and migrants before the opening of the hybrid course take whatever character to hand crystallize the positions of political parties all of the stage coming up to the point of identifying trends in the likelihood of reaching the limits of escalation Aoun threatened to paralyze the government , including a new reality that is happening very precise if left political calculations about their estimated spammers.

These circles say that the phenomenon of further spreading false information about contacts or meetings related to the flexibility of Prime Minister Saad Hariri about the election of General Michel Aoun , President of the Republic, which is being denied and evident lack of authenticity printed political landscape objectives are clear : trying to cram the future team in liability escalation Aoun angle with obscure the responsibility of the parties unemployed presidential elections under the cover of this game. And Astdlt circles on that position , which announced yesterday the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance MP Mohammad Raad , who returned to throw the ball to block presidential elections against the Future Movement and liabilities of the party of being accused of betting on gains for Front victory and organize Daesh in Syria angle, did not hide his bet on the field wins for his team in Syria bis that General Aoun is the only president to be accepted by the party. This position is in relation to the form of political circles themselves extra evidence to link the party for the presidential elections in an informed Syrian war proves mortgage constitutional entitlement accounts regional hub which is associated with the party. However, the circles he believes it is necessary to wait for the precise examination of the intersection of the interests of the party and its ally Aoun on stage coming up both in regard to the governmental status or move the street and where it can show differentiation between the two points. As no longer a secret that there is a distinction exists for this charity, which will have with him the party either to keep up with his ally , to prevent his appearance alone and then return it to the railway situational compromises that prevent the collapse of the government either to take urgent initiatives to prevent away move Aoun towards the bypass line that keeps Christhr status quo because it puts him in front of the party and be held liable for dangerous phase that may arise so. In this climate you expect to dribble circles launching test balloons in the ongoing political and media since the days of the game , because a large portion of its objectives related embarrassment began to grow up on the front of unemployed presidential elections after reaching repercussions escalation Aoun to the government 's court.
The news
Hezbollah for Hariri: Election Aoun Belongs
«Presidency of the General ... and all the world will not change the»

Newspaper Alabarkme dealt with news of local affairs , and she wrote "Hezbollah officials have stepped up their calls for President Saad Hariri to the election of MP Michel Aoun , President of the Republic, as opposed to « stand by », while Hariri is still on the old position, waiting for the new Saudi signals, you may not Come.

After confirmation of the Secretary General of Hezbollah , Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah , about a month ago, prepared the party for «facility in what singled out as prime minister», in reference to the acceptance of the party return of Saad Hariri to head the government in exchange for elected MP Michel Aoun , President of the Republic, made ​​by leading party officials God, over the weekend, high - worded statements, calling , in essence , Hariri to capture the opportunity the House of Representatives hearing on 28 current, and the election of Aoun , president of the Republic, the party to complete this intention FPM and announcing the escalation in the street, after the promised meeting.

Starting with Sheikh Naim Qassem, right down to the head of the Loyalty to the Resistance MP Mohammad Raad, passing through MP Nawaf al - Moussawi , and Vice Chairman of the Executive Council Sheikh Nabil Qaouk, unlike the words of party officials ceiling aloft at the invitation of the Future Movement to elect Aoun, at the time being when talk of a serious debate into the future about blockage of the horizon of the presidency, and the survival of the future election of Aoun and the latter the only way out .

Qassem pointed out that «days have proved that through the presidency specific republic, it wanted to be elected president has only one direction is connected to Aoun, will not be able to major regional states and the Security Council and the Arab League to adjust this path, and tried more than two years and did not achieve anything We are still at the beginning of the road », stressing that« all those that can disrupt, and to continue the presidential vacancy, and this is what it worked Arabia in all the previous phase, but they can not achievement as they want and covet ». Qasim advice and went to «Future Party, which is now an obstacle to elect a president to end his reluctance, The road to a solution is known, this is for the benefit of the country and also in their interest».

Escalation against Saudi Arabia and reach out for the future, completed Kaouk, saying «Today there is a real opportunity to extricate Lebanon from its crises, but the Lebanese should be aware that prolonging the Lebanese crisis and the presidential vacuum but is the result of conflicts within the House of Saud, and therefore the Lebanon today is paying the price of these Arabia differences Interior ».

While reassured Musawi al - Hariri, when he emphasized that « those who take this bold step (election Aoun) will not be left alone in the face of his opponents inpatient or others, because they will be met with the best of them, if not reciprocated», Raad said he's «Unfortunately there are still a team in Lebanon betting fraud in support for Daesh and Front victory, in order to strengthen its position in this authoritarian country. But if we see that there is a threat by those to turn the tables, we would have acted without what we act right now. »

The Ahaririun FPM waiting for Hariri 's return to Lebanon the middle of this week, I learned «News» that « the head of the Future Movement could delay his return to Beirut additional days, because of the possibility of carrying out a second visit to Saudi Arabia and meet the Crown Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.» Hariri visited Saudi Arabia on Monday, and then returned to Paris on Wednesday without meeting any of the Saudi officials. Despite the talk of Hariri , Aoun study support the nomination of the option, the sources «average» and other prominent in the March 8 forces returned to confirm that «nothing new about the Hariri position or the Saudi position». The sources told «News» that «Hariri did not get any new Saudi signal», as well as that he «knows the pulse of his street, and is convinced that he could lose a lot if support Aoun 's candidacy, at a time when others were staffed from within the Future Movement on stripped of his audience ».

On the other hand, complements the FPM this week of preparations to move in the street starting allocated to elect a president in the House of Representatives hearing to September 28. Communication in the Lebanese Forces party device official Melhem Riachy cut removes all doubt, after he told officials in the future stream that «forces will participate FPM to move under the pact title», at a time when talk of the prime forces , Samir Geagea still lingers in a move to go down to was street, the interest of the continuation of the remainder of the positive relationship with Hariri, after several earthquakes, most recently Hariri MP Suleiman Franjieh nomination for the presidency.
Peace for the position and one in New York: Government compatibility I.
Islamic demonstration National League in selected .. and Hezbollah clings help of «path and one for the presidency»

Newspaper Alloabdorha addressed the brigade 's internal affairs , and she wrote , "between New York and Beirut, does not seem the Lebanese scene one, there where the president arrived Tammam Salam, with a ministerial delegation and administrative and security to represent Lebanon in the meetings of the session 71st General Assembly of the United Nations, to be joined to this delegation , Foreign Minister and expatriates Gebran Bassil, where Lebanon will one position, both in the President 's peace in front of the General Assembly to be delivered before returning next Thursday, or by participating in the refugee summit called by US President Barack Obama, or through meetings with presidents or heads of government or Foreign ministers of the participating countries in this international event which is repeated once a year, with reference to the minister Basil activity in the United States was among the emigrant activity.

But in Lebanon, the scene between anticipation and agenda Aounist deadlines ranging from optimism in the session , September 28 th, so that elected MP Michel Aoun , President of the Republic, otherwise «woe and foolish», in the period between September 28 and October 13.

Message New York
In New York , reported delegate «brigade» associates Lina exclusive Zeila, the peace president will raise during his participation in New York, loud sound, especially in what singled assistance to Lebanon in the framework of support given to host more than a million and a half displaced Syrians, the largest hosting between countries of the world, and that does not fit at all with Lebanon capabilities or area or economic potential.

Peace will not hide the president in his speech on the subject, the concerns of Lebanon and will be expressed frankly to the point that Lebanon is demanding the return of displaced people to safer areas in Syria and resume their normal lives to the point of live or work.

On the cancellation of meetings of the support group for Lebanon , which was scheduled as usual on the sidelines of United Nations General Assembly meeting, he learned «brigade» that based on consultations between Lebanon and the group has been postponed this meeting to be held within the next two months, because it is because of the heavy meetings, meetings and conferences held on the sidelines of the Assembly General, this meeting did not take their natural right, and confirmed the information that the French President Francois Hollande is very interested in holding this meeting which could take place in Paris where his eminence stronger.

It should be noted that the Peace President will meet with President Hollande tomorrow, and that the meeting would be in itself, suitable for sending a message French Lebanese government support, stresses the importance of continuing its work until the election of a new President of the Republic, which considers France unusual interest, whether through contacts President Hollande or the French Foreign Ministry.

on the escalating political situation unleashed by Basil in Lebanon, sources confirm that the subject in New York differs from Beirut, sources indicate that he does not have to publish Gsellna in front of the international community, considers the sources that the political climate troubled and turbulent and unstable in Lebanon reflects the same all the files , including the Syrian displacement file, and see that this failure weakens the image of the external state.

sources indicate that the internal situation and the political crisis has become known by the world, though there is continued support for the government and its work, and this became clear during the statement issued by the five nations major who visited the president of peace on the eve of his trip to New York. The sources confirmed that there is an international decision and regionally to maintain Lebanon. The sources pointed out that the duties of a peace president call on the government to hold meetings in order to work and not to the collapse of the country.

She wished sources that there should be communication between all political forces , especially the prime minister repeated more than once that guard the temple and wished everyone realize the importance of compatibility because no one has a problem with him and he did not unite one and did not create any problem with one, and all that he has done to invite the Council of Ministers of the meeting is to lower duties.

position in Rabieh
at the mound, I talked sources familiar with the surrounding situation there atmosphere, for he was not serious data on the political launch reached limit initiative, and that the contacts did not reach the access to the solution phase. Sources in the FPM's «brigade» that the current open to propositions, does not want to obstruction for obstruction, but it is awaiting a response from the Future Movement, in what singled out the nomination of MP Aoun. ,

And is expected to be next week, pivotal in what singled communications under my maturity, kissed respect to a session of dialogue No. 35 , which will be held between the future Movement and «Hezbollah» tomorrow in the eye of the fig tree, to continue the search , whether in the person of the presidency or the work of the government, or the security situation in the country.

while confirming several sources, that both «mainstream» and «party» keen on continuing bilateral dialogue channel between them after the table of dialogue stopped, Rabieh sources said that this meeting would be a station in the agreement singled out whether or not the election of MP Aoun in a hearing to September 28. Political sources noted that «Hezbollah» On the eve of the meeting sent more than one message towards what can be described as an attempt to impose Aoun as president.

In the position is the most outspoken support Aoun, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem said «The way the presidency specific republic, it is he wanted to be elected president of the Republic has only a one - way connected to General Aoun ».

he said:« The delay in electing a president will not change the equation, and that regional and major and the Security Council and the League of Arab States will not be able to modify this path », adding that« if agreement on General Michel Aoun president we are ready and will satisfy the invitation and will attend the parliament session and will vote him no matter how close the meeting, everyone will win and will win if Lebanon election Aoun , president of the Republic. » «Hezbollah» Not only did that but also calls for law - election just reinforces national partnership and preserves the rights of all.

On the other line, political sources with great interest stopped at what was announced by Prime Minister Fouad Siniora that «no compromises and that it has the sounds enables him to reach the presidency let him come down to House of Representatives to Nntbh », in reference to that promoted by the mound of understandings under ripening is in the wrong place.

the most prominent at this level, that the Vice President Farid Makari House of Representatives just returned from abroad , and it was met with Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri said in attitude is his first after returning because , according to his convictions has been no meeting between Bassil and director of the Office of the Prime Minister Nader Hariri, Makari stressed that in the political file is not search during a meeting with Prime Minister Hariri, revealing that the issue of the presidency has not yet , and this is linked to overseas View Isto, ruling out the election of the President of the Republic at a hearing September 28 , or even in the next sitting.

Noting that MP Walid Jumblatt that his ally , Prime Minister Hariri weakens, has something of the fact that he always tries to find solutions that do not correspond to positively than the other team and that is what is reflected negatively on his popularity, ruling that the return Prime Minister Hariri to Lebanon before the hearing to September 28.

same token, the former minister Yusuf hE pointed out that the Prime Minister 's initiative to nominate MP Suleiman Franjieh remain, pointing out that if the secured quorum at the next meeting we will participate in, and said that Asthakaqatna vulnerable to external interventions, noting that we are against the disabled government and the people 's interests.

demonstration selected!
at this time, selected witnessed religious and political event, and nationally represents the opening of the Prince Shakib Arslan mosque, sponsored by Grand Mufti Sheikh Abdul Latif Derian , who announced to rely on the wisdom of the political leadership, and the prayers of the heads of denominations to thaw our crisis political election of the president of the Republic, Delays after today 's suicide, hoping to re - relaunching dialogue again, and that the government remains steadfast patiently, and seek to resume meetings.

Addressing MP Jumblatt said: «safety of the safety of the nation, and try Aghtyalk criminal act Exchange». He described the words of Mufti Derian that « the words of the caliber», he heard MP Jumblatt , who salute the Mufti of the Republic, where he described the views Bngradh Grand Mufti Derian «considerable ability and majestic League.» And that « the word of His Eminence was rich national and Islamic meanings University».
He was at the forefront of attendance representatives of the Islamic spiritual and Christian references, and Prime Minister Fouad Siniora and MP Bahia Hariri , represented by Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri, and a crowd of Mufti areas were accompanied by Mufti Derian addition to the representative of Speaker Nabih Berri , MP Ali Bazzi, and Sheikh Akl Druze sect Sheikh Naim Hassan, and the representative of the Vice President of higher Islamic Shiite Council Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan Jaafari Mufti Sheikh Ahmed Qabalan, and a representative of Maronite Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros al-Rahi Abbot Saad Nimr and a crowd of MPs and former and current ministers and Mufti areas who Astbakahm to lunch table.

Jumblatt stressed that the building of this mosque confirms Islamic affiliation of the Unitarian Druze, destined care and embrace Mufti Derian of the event, stressing that Islam is moderation, tolerance and coexistence.
Washington opens the doors of dangerous messages ... and gambling make coordination with Syria a condition?
Russian understanding American: playing on the edge of the abyss after the raid in Deir al - Zour
Hezbollah: go down to the House of Representatives after agreeing to come with the help of president
construction newspaper ,
construction paper she wrote , " the temperature rises between the parties to the American Russian understanding, between the parties to the war in Syria, to some degree before boiling, and it seemed that understanding that did not fall does not appear that ends the Russians and the Americans are ready to obituary, enters the playing stage on the edge of the abyss, where threats and respond to mutual threats, such as accusations and mutual recriminations in acceleration, Asabakan the field temperature recorded score a remarkable rise in the countryside of Damascus and Aleppo and Oraaffha and Deir al - Zour, some of the flames reached the launch of the Syrian antibiotics to Rsasatha some reconnaissance planes American in the message affects dealing with the legality of the passage of these aircraft and the use of Syrian airspace that had been witnessed flexibility Syria as realized through the joint operations between the Americans and Russians room, according to the texts of understanding, as long as Russia 's partner in understanding receive coverage legitimacy to the military presence and its role in accordance with the agreements with which the Syrian state. It has become improbable today, according to the throughput of sources of follow - up linked to direct coordination with the Syrian government or transform US - Russian airspace coordination trilateral Russia , American Syria.

Washington looming suspension of the terms of understanding the application of item entry aid, and Moscow waiting to be American and clarifications investigation into the raid that killed dozens of Syrian soldiers and paved the way for the progress of Daesh in the vicinity of Deir ez - Zor Airport, and Syria has responded to American - style message wrenching and painful without going to war , some of her features appeared to be in an active appearance Airways Syrian in the atmosphere of Aleppo and its countryside in launching the Syrian antibiotics to fire towards the aircraft American poll.

ended the truce officially on Friday night and extended to the morning of Monday to pass the first week of without Amddha one officially, and without a declared out of its provisions, to integrate the stages this morning, which does not seem an appropriate date for the start of US - Russian military coordination with the stated understanding, with all eyes toward the day after tomorrow Wednesday as the date prospective legislation understanding a decision issued by the Security Council, while falls on the date of the start of the annual session of the General Assembly of the United Nations, where diplomatic and political activities will rotate on a single axis is the fate of the American Russian understanding on Syria.
Lebanese, denying the existence of a new presidential initiatives with Prime Minister Saad al - Hariri denied his return near Hezbollah leaders rotation on different platforms to deliver a single message in a coordinated and strong form and content, says will not weaken our position in front of talk about the calls to take to the parliament to elect a president, we will not go down until after the consensus to come baptism Michel Aoun , head, and whenever it faster the better , and those who want more speed Filipadr to this consensus as soon as possible.
Hariri returns after September 28 is
not a new thing built upon in the presidential file. The atmosphere is still at a standstill and the election of the president sitting in the current 28 would be similar to its predecessors, especially the president , Saad Hariri will not return to Beirut before that date, it was also nominated for his sources. In addition , the solution to the first presidential crisis as you say informed sources «building, lies with Saudi Arabia, not when Prime Minister Hariri, The kingdom does not want to make concessions in Lebanon at the moment, have expressed Prime Minister Fouad Siniora yesterday, its position by saying« Do not settle presidential come ».
He said in a television interview:« We are with the democratic principle and has the largest number of votes Velinjeh and they go down to the House of Representatives and the election ».
future: the ball is not in play
and waiting for Hariri 's return from a long vacation, MP Ammar Houry told« constructive » «that the head of the future Movement presented enough initiatives, and will not provide anything after today, the ball is not in our court, and initiatives are required from others». He denied for any «a meeting between Prime Minister Hariri and head of the Free Patriotic Movement , Gebran Bassil in Paris.» He stressed that a strong president is limited to baptism Michel Aoun, who wants escalation Vlaassad, street is room for all, we are not objecting to the disembarking into the street, and at the same time , will not we find ourselves in the street, we are not prepared at this delicate stage of the friction more ». He asked how to be Gen. Aoun , a strong president , and yet he could not believe the parliamentary majority that determines if General Aoun will elect a president or any other ».

Aoun saves the resistance
on the other hand, Deputy Secretary General of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem, the girl Jbeil and clearly, that« Using the presidency specific republic, whoever wants to be elected president of the Republic has only a one - way connected to General Michel Aoun », advising« future Movement , which is now an obstacle to elect a president to end the hesitation », pointing out that the regional and Greater Security Council and the League of Arab States will not You may modify this path ». He stressed that «the delay in electing a president will not change the equation, and will not only produce more leisure and disruption.

The« But for us as a party of God, if it was agreed that General Aoun as president, we are ready, and will satisfy the call, and we will attend the parliamentary session to elect a president, and we will vote him whatever the session close, and the best for all that this franchise is at the earliest, because the election of General Michel Aoun as president will win everyone wins Lebanon ».

the head of the Loyalty to the resistance MP Mohammad Raad that support« nomination Aoun 's not a hobby, but because it is the right man in this phase , which can be in harmony with our vision of the sovereign, and that saves our resistance and prevents foreign interventions that impose and Sayat and the dictates of the national decision - making in Lebanon, we will not accept a gray head, and developments taking place in the region predict that people are shying field and politically. We advise you to seize the opportunity quickly so that they can catch the train, because the train probably stems soon ».

Sources in the FPM for« constructive »that« the FPM priorities do not override them priority: first constant related to the election of the President, the second relate to the Law election ». The sources stressed that if Gen. Michel Aoun , was elected president in a meeting September 28 we have come to the advanced stage of change and reconstruction, and if not elected , we're going to escalation will not end until the achievement of demands rightful ».

Presidency of the Republic and the street
In a related presidential file, Deputy Prime forces Party George Adwan said the nomination of General Michel Aoun, does not need to wait not to 28 and to 13. he needs to sit future Movement and Sheikh Saad Hariri and Speaker Nabih Berri and MP Walid Jumblatt to speak as soon as this subject, because things do not wait for the continuous postponement. In case we have not reached a conclusion on this subject, there is another essential theme, also it eases the tension and prevent the escalation is the election law ». We want a new election law, and does not want to reach an escalation, let us go to a new election law. There is no clearer than this. From this point we hope to everyone, and the order to stop the coming of things entry of the two entrances because the alone Egnpununa and Egnbon country, and invites us to stability ».
Denied Qguatah sources notable for« constructive »« intention escalation Forces party in the street at the moment », noting that« the bloc did not meet the Acanutordjadja we have not heard any escalation steps », but regretted the use of some parliamentary blocs recklessly and lightness with the presidency, noting that« the only benefit that could Anzlna to the street is the maturity of the presidency of the Republic », stressing that« strong president is a strong president in his environment and of belonging to a strong line. This does not apply to the president of the military or civilian , who will not be able to change anything in reality. » A host of «political stupidity waiting for what will happen in the outside, the region is going more towards crisis».
Bilateral dialogue Samed
, the bilateral dialogue shrapnel national dialogue sessions , which were suspended was not affected, where held tomorrow , Tuesday the 33rd round of dialogue between the Future Movement and Hezbollah in the eye of the fig tree. The bilateral dialogue body in the Future Movement member Samir Jisr told «constructive» that stainless bilateral dialogue will not hang, it started before the national dialogue, but both different agenda ». He stressed that this dialogue was allocated first to look at the vent sectarian tension as this has a significant national impact means the two teams in particular, and secondly in the Presidency file that concerns everyone, including Hezbollah and the Future Movement ». He pointed out that « the recent developments will be the focus of research in tomorrow 's meeting of the government 's work, and military appointments, down to the presidency and parliamentary elections».
Peace will meet Holland on
the other hand, hold the Prime Minister Tammam Salam day of meetings with a number of presidents and leaders of Arabs and foreigners in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations General Assembly meeting. Peace will meet French President Francois Hollande on Tuesday and will be on their agenda among other political issues, most notably the presidential elections in addition to the displacement file where you will be asked what Paris can offer to help Lebanon and dispel misgivings about the resettlement file. It will be for peace , who left for New York the day before yesterday, accompanied by his advisor Shadi Karam and administrative security delegation to head Lebanon 's delegation to the General Assembly lyrics on four occasions. It is scheduled to join the delegation, Foreign and Expatriates Minister Gebran Bassil , who was left to New York to preside over the emigrant Regional Conference , which was held over two consecutive days.